Mugshots: Willam Sucks Less at Neighbours, November 2016

Thanks for swinging by for a handycock and an ass slap from Willam a couple weeks back, hey not get some more slaps tonight if you are around? Violet is hosting her after party with us at Neighbours, a nice little pre-holigay smash, come thru !



Photos by Rachel Robinson


Photobooth: Rapture at Timbre Room, October 2016

There's some new lqqks in town and we're excited to be featuring them here, the club kids and queens are coming back with a vengeance in Seattle, keep it going! Check out Rapture, a queer avant-garde extravaganza second Saturdays at Timbre Room (part of Kremwerk), presented by Arson Nicki & Kremwerk. 

And if you're checkin these pics out right now, and it's Friday night, maybe you should come see us tonight at the ole Dickslap, yeah?



All photos below shot by Kingmon Creative


Coming Up: Violets Club Spanksgiving Afterparty at Neighbours, Wednesday 11.23

Miss Violet Chachki is in town performing at the Triple Door and she wants to spank the F out of you afterwards, join us for a special pre-Thanksgiving post-Cream show afterparty with Nark, Jimi Jaxon, some homo queer dancers and your special host Violet! 

Tickets are ONLY $8, go grab one !


Photobooth: SF Make Out Party October 2016 at SF Eagle

This week was hard on everyone, so, we figured, the least we can do, the thing that will cheer you up just a little bit (or you are totally dead inside) is show you a bunch of photos of people making out with pets in Halloween costumes as a back drop. How can you not love that?

To make things extra cheer-uppy, we've got an awesome party coming up this Saturday, it's the next Make Out Party this time with the one and only JACQUES RENAULT, you can't miss this, guys like this don't get brought to our dive leather bars to slay you with disco pretty much ever, so get into it and MAKE OUT.

Photos by Cabure / Shot in the City - Edited by Rachel Robinson / Nark Magazine



Mugshots: Dickslap Seattle, October 2016 at The Eagle

There's never a shortage of butts, techno, fog, or more butts at Dickslap. It's particularly important that we have butts, not just for touching, but also for our continual F-U to Washington's dated liquor laws, keep fighting the good fight people. And, you know, do so again this Friday while dancing to one of the funnest damn DJs around, our guy JACQUES RENAULT (Let's Play House, NYC), it's almost some holiday so get yourself stuffed aight!


Photos by Rachel Robinson


Coming Up: The SF Make Out Party w/ Jacques Renault, 11.19 at SF Eagle

It's time to stop flappin' your lips and start smackin' them third Saturdays at The SF Eagle, tired of standing around looking pensive but warm, fierce but approachable, and yet that mega crush of yours still hasn't come up to you? All you gotta do is go up and be all like- "hey, wanna make out with me for a photo? you get a free jello shot" and they go "um yes duh" and then the rest is drunk history. [PS, Making out is for everyone, and everyone is welcome, jello does not discriminate]

To make sure your lips stay loose we have an extra special guest..

*JACQUES RENAULT (Let's Play House, NYC)

Special guest zaddy host

and if that doesn't do the trick, expect a tongue bath from our local make out ho's-

+really cute tricks and rugged dudes to slobber on, so go and have some fun.

Photobooth by Shot in the City and Nark Magazine,
Free shots in the booth! booze and photographic ones!

Handsome handstamper Mike Scott at the door ♥ 

398 12th Street

HalloKween SF Photos! Photobooth and Show, DNA Lounge 10.30.16

Thanks to everyone that came out to cheer on all the awesome acts on stage at DNA Lounge for HalloKween including Rica Shay, Saturn Rising Vain Hein and Adore Delano, and thanks to all our hosts for helping us have a crazy queer time. Your photos are below, from the booth and the stage. This has been a hard week for everyone so we hope this brings you some joy, and come out next Saturday to the SF Eagle to join up again in solidarity with the Make Out Party, making out for fun and peace!

Photos by Cabure / Shot in the City for Nark Magazine


Photobooth: The Make Out Party, Seattle Eagle October 2016

 Ahhh, the Make Out Party, where you really learn how to get yours. Join us every 2nd Friday at The Eagle (3rd Saturday in SF) for your monthly dousing of tongue baths and jello shots and ridiculous photos, coming up next week we have the Flammable honchos BRIAN LYONS & WESLEY HOLMES holding down the fort!

Also don't forget, tonight it's WILLAM at NEIGHBOURS!


Photos by Rachel Robinson


Photobooth: Adore Delano in Portland!

Thanks for coming out Portland to see MAARQUII and Adore live! It was a beautiful, rainy fall evening and we're glad we got to spend it together. If you were up in the meet and greet area you can grab all the photos your heart desires below, thanks again to Rachel for coming down in our little stuffed car with us to shoot you all your pretty faces.


Photos by Rachel Robinson


Coming Up: The Make Out Party w/ Brian Lyons & Wesley Holmes

Ever get tired of standing around looking pensive but warm, fierce but approachable, and yet that mega crush of yours still hasn't come up to you? Or maybe you're afraid to go out because of this mythical "Seattle Freeze" you've heard so much about... well why not break the ice yourself at the Make Out Party? It's like the Seattle anti-freeze, you just go up and be all like- "hey, wanna make out with me for a photo? you get a free jello shot" and they go "um yes duh" and then the rest is drunk history. 

To help loosen your lips and your hips-
*BRIAN LYONS & WESLEY HOLMES (Flammable Sundays)

+cage trade and every person you ever wanted to make out with ever all in one place

Photobooth by Nark Magazine / Rachel Robinson
Free shots in the booth! booze and photographic ones!

FRIDAY 11.11.16

Photobooth: Adore Delano in Seattle, 10/28/16 at Neumos

Thanks to everyone that turned up for an awesome night and concert with Adore Delano and Noddy! If you got shot in the photobooth you can find your pic below, but first, we hope you're aware that one of our absolute most favorite trouble makers WILLAM is coming to you THIS FRIDAY AT NEIGHBOURS! Not only that but with the legendary Jennifer Cardini (head of Correspondant Records) at the decks, you don't want to miss this!! Click on the poster below for tickets and more info about the party and Willam's BOOK SIGNING.


Photos by Kevin Kauer / Nark



Butt Chugging Aside, Willam Has a Way

A few weeks ago, Nark Magazine bestowed upon me the pleasure of email interviewing model/actress/RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Willam in advance of her November 4 book tour appearance at Seattle's Neighbours Nightclub. We talked about Burning Man (she burns) and John Waters (she finally met her idol, at an airport in Brussels with Detox.) Then I asked her what was up with her book Suck Less: Where There’s a Willam There’s a Way, which had yet to be released

“Imagine you know you’re gonna go to hell,” she wrote. “Probably from like, all the butt fucking and whatever else makes the baby Jesus cry. Now imagine I’m holding your hand and we’re having fun on the way there. THAT’S Suck Less.”

And that is a convincing spiel. And I am not not at a point in my life in which I need self help books. So when my copy of Suck Less came in mail, I lined up a squadron of tall cans and sunk happily into the world of Willam. 

Drag Race fans need no introduction, but for the unacquainted: Willam is the first and only queen to be disqualified from the competition (read between the lines and you finally find out the reason why in Suck Less.) She self identifies as a stunt queen. Willam’s performances have included a practice she refers to as butt chugging, and which she recommends in the book as a handy way to limit calories and still party.

Her other greatest hits include the live fisting of a muscled man to the chords of “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” an ad campaign for American Apparel and acting roles in films such as Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus (currently in post production.)

In Suck Less, she’s pretty up front about the fact that she is no Dr. Phil, much less Oprah. And to be honest, the sections on working with your eating disorder and the one on how women should take lecherous bosses up on a good finger bang should it provide career advantage are pretty painful. I tried to dismiss these missteps as the parody they are meant to be.

In this era of mainstream drag, I often despair for our youth. While they get their tongue clicks and slang (Jesus, the ubiquitous RuPaul slang) from mainstream television, my generation of weirdos got to learn about drag from going to actual drag clubs, being around drag queens, being harassed by drag queens and if you're quick, learning to harass them. 

Willam says she first imagined writing Suck Less while advising Neil Patrick Harris on drag for his turn in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch (NPH repaid the favor by writing the book’s intro.) As a result, the book's first pages focus on getting the look. I've never read a gloriously nonsensical guide to contouring and baking, or a more useful tucking tutorial. Willam and all queens, your improbable and likely painful ball majick suggests gender is more malleable they would have us believe and for that, I give thanks. 

My most valuable lessons on the performance of femininity have come from queens, not to mention the gems they've given me on confidence and sex. There is no one to beat a drag queen when it comes to frank sexual discussion, and there are few people who have a stranger road to travel to the bedroom than they. Few things shock a drag queen and there is nothing you can tell them that they will see as weird in a bad way.

I was reminded of this while reading Suck Less’ sections on sex. Surprisingly, quite a bit of the XXX content seemed geared towards Willam's youngest fans; practical, pointed and gender inclusive messages to those who may not share the author’s identification as a Chinese finger trap. 

A page addressed to virgins! Copious admonitions to practice safe sex! The disclosure that Willam often carries an instant HIV test on her, to deploy during foreplay for tricks who are under aware of their STD status! Tips on open relationships? She even explains what a prostate is, the importance of PrEP. I can’t imagine any high school health class being more useful (although again, some missteps — please take the sections on domestic violence and incest, for example, with a grain of salt.)

"I’m dumb to think that people will forget my reality show stint on that great crossdresser game show," Willam said in our interview. "But I hope to continue to reach people with less buffoonery."

Not that there's anything wrong with playing the clown. But in Suck Less, Willam gets to expand on an aspect of drag that only alluded to on reality television, the constructive side of gender fuckery and the personal strength that lies behind high femme visibility.

If you're trying to live your life outside of societal norms, you need back up, you need role models. For all its bad taste and shock value, Willam has put a lot of herself into this book. And at its heart, Suck Less serves as the drag friend you'll never meet watching TV. 

Pick up a copy of Suck Less and get it signed in person this Friday night (11/04) at Neighbours in Seattle, click on the poster for more details.

Mugshots: Dickslap San Francisco, August 2016 at SF Eagle

Wroof! Hey San Francisco, you might have forgot, but back in August you came out to our last Dickslap, and you looked super super cute, so consider this our missed connection, because we want to reconnect with all of you this Saturday back at The Eagle to look this good again, with special guests Alison Swing (LA), Trevor Sigler, Abominatrixx, Johnny Rockitt, Stratten, Tirrell, Tyler Rush and Jake, get in it!




Photos by Allen Jordan


Adore Delano Sashays Away, Sativa In Hand

Adore Delano's new single "I C U," whose video was released in tandem with the airing of the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 episode that features her tearful, self-imposed exit, shows Delano in a deconstructed streetwear cocoon; multicolor fur patchwork coat, a trompe l'oeil visor, inverted basketball jerseys and forest green braids. RPDR judge Michelle Visage was initially blamed for Delano's September 1 departure from the program (Visage received death threats to that effect, at least) and it's probably no coincidence that the "I C U" neo grunge aesthetic is precisely the kind of alt look that the judge has been known to pan on the show. 

Even the song's lyrics throw subtle shade at the RPDR powers that be. In them, Delano announces the break-up with a lover she once loved, but with whom she has now grown apart. 

Honey, I loved the feeling that you gave to my sickly heart
You wanted space even though we're a million miles apart
It's time to pull the plug
We're done, through and through

But you can't say Delano didn't give her relationship with reality TV her best shot. She got her start as a California teen on the seventh season of American Idol, singing her way to the semi-final round. With that appearance under her belt Delano was a natural choice for Drag Race, and thrived on the episodes, eventually taking second place to foul-mouthed comedy queen Bianca del Rio

Though she originally expressed hesitation at re-entering Drag Race's world of catty backstage conversations and sudden death lip sync rounds, Delano only made it to the second episode before tearfully telling Ru that it was time for her to back out. The judges were mean, she said, it wasn't what she had signed up for.

Fans were distraught, but they shouldn't be. Delano had just achieved clarity about what she wanted from her career — concerts and studio time, not confession booths and wardrobe challenges. With the release of "I C U" she was letting the reality TV juggernaut know that their time together had come to a close — and perhaps foisting on us a gentle reminder that Drag Race is not the entirety of her artistic career. After all, she has released two dance pop albums to date: 2014's Till Death Do Us Party and this year's After Party.

With "the show" behind her, Delano has put herself into the driver's seat. It's now or never when it comes to her musical career, which begs the question: are you down? Will you be at her Nark Magazine Pacific Northwest tour Oct. 27-30? The babe took the time to chat with us about the really important issues like talk show trolls and weed preferences, read on to learn what kind of joint to throw on stage when you come through for one of her stage turns.


NARK MAGAZINE: You’re a high femme too! What’s your favorite kind of weed, indica or sativa? Do you have a favorite strain? You’re also Californian, do you have your medical card or are you waiting out legalization?

ADORE DELANO: I’m a sativa boy! And yes, I have my medical card!


NM: Do you perform stoned or is that a no-go? And is it true that queens aren't allowed to smoke while they're on the show? (If that's true) what do you think of that rule?
AD: I perform stoned all the time. I find it helps my brain and voice work more fearlessly. 


NM: You mentioned that Raven Symone’s “gross” comment was the catalyst for your exit from All Stars 2. Why do you think the show was edited to make it look like Michelle compelled your exit?
AD: Michelle and Raven were equally nasty that day, I just don't know Raven personally so taking it from her was a bit harder. Her comment wasn't the catalyst for my exit, it was the cherry on top of a fucked up sundae in my head. It was all just too much.


NM: Was Ru trolling us when she chose Raven to be a judge on Drag Race? Some of the stuff she said on The View about race in particular was pretty tragic. 

AD: I love Whoopi.


NM: Give me the short list of artists or producers you’d like to work with in your musical career.

AD: I wanna wait until I die because all of my idols are no longer on this planet we call earth. 


NM: You’ve pretty much worked all angles with reality TV at this point. Is it safe to say you’re done, or is it a lifelong addiction?

AD: I’ve only been on two reality show competitions which both showcased talents of mine. I will never do that again. 


NM: Let’s end this on a high note. Please share an unpopular opinion you have. 

AD: I hate dark chocolate. 

Check Out Adore Delano live in concert up and down the west coast this Halloween, 10/27 in Portland, 10/28 in Seattle and 10/30 in San Francisco! 

Mugshots: Dickslap Seattle, September 2016 at The Eagle

Guess what guys, Dickslap is coming up on its sixth year anniversary soon, there's still no better place to rub butts and lose yourself in some dark foggy techno, and we love you for that. This last month was so killer with Sappho at the helm, she's also the newest member of Bottom Forty so expect to wiggle more with her. Check out your pics from last month and join us for more this Friday with special guest Stormy Roxx (PDX), Kevin Bertolli (SF), and guest host Dolce Vida. This is going to be a lot, oh, wanna look fresh? Brock is on hand to give you a fresh cut in the barber chair too!


Photos by Rachel Robinson


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