Mugshots: Le Freak, C'est Chic, September 2018 at Queer Bar

We can't get enough of these gorgeous pics from our most recent party at Queer Bar, thanks for turning up and turning it out! We're looking forward to playing with you again this Saturday night for the Make Out Party which is NOW at QUEER BAR on second Saturdays! And we'll be with you next week for the October edition of our vinyl only 90s club house Be My Lover, basically, just spend your Saturdays with us, ok? <3




Photos by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party, September 2018 at The Eagle

BIG NEWS ALERT!!! WOOOOP WOOOP (that's our news alarm obvi)

The Make Out Party is back this weekend BUTTTT we're in a NEW LOCATION and NEW DATE! We will now be smashing faces together once a month at Queer Bar on 2nd Saturdays!! This weekend we have a stacked bill for you including the return of OG Make Out Party dj Futurewife (now going by Neil Wemyss), plus we're bringing up Make Out host extraordinaire VIKTOR BELMONT (swoooon) from LA to get you in the mood, and if that wasn't enough to flood your basement then our other host Keegan Whicker (just like up @klwhick on instagram) will certainly make you faint, and gals, he's local.... plus our ultra baber queens Dolce Vida and KUNGPOWMEOW and dancers Jesse Iglesias and Revenge Fantasy, this is gonna be a packed night full of all new cuties to make out with so come THRU !

Our hard working photographer Roman Robinson is going in for his top surgery this week so Keith Johnson will be working in his absence, but part of proceeds will go to benefit Roman during his recovery!



Photos by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, August 2018 at SF Eagle

Hey San Francisco why you ALWAYS gotta look so GOOD. Thank you for coming out for the August edition of our lovely party, we're excited to have a special backdrop for you for this round of photos featuring the art of James Falciano, he's amazing, talented and cute to boot, check him out on insta at @jamesfalciano !


Please come and join us for the September edition, we can't wait to host you! Featuring guest DJ's Adam Kraft and Siobhan Aluvalot, plus Kelly Lovemonster, Joey Crafty Dough, Chris Vasquez, Just Shannon, Beverly Chills and Nark on the hosting duties! This Friday night at SF Eagle



Photos by Shot in the City / Edited by Roman Robinson

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Chicago Make Out Party Photos Part Two, Jackhammer Complex August 2018

Heyyy Chicago! I don't know how this got by us but we were missing all KINDS of photos from the last Make Out Party, but the good news is they have been recovered, and here they are! Sorry for the wait but we hope you enjoy, that was such a fun night, we can't wait to do it again with you SO SOON!

The next Chicago Make Out Party is OCTOBER 6th at JACKHAMMER! << TICKETS HERE >>



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Mugshots: Nark's Acid Playhouse, June 2018 at Jackhammer Chicago


Hey there, look at this, it's almost like a throwback, except in order to be a throwback you would have had to at least seen it one time, but you didn't, because sometimes we are forgetful mary's.... but here is the rudemption! The Nark's Acid Playhouse (forgotten) photos are now UP!! Thanks to Erik for shooting these, and hey, come join us for some more party times at the next Make Out Party which is October 6th at Jackhammer!


Photos by Erik Kommer

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Photobooth: Make Out Party, August 2018 at Seattle Eagle


Straight up I think all the backgrounds for the Make Out Party should be these vintage porn covers amirite? Check out your pics and come join us for more!!

Make Out Party is tonight (which is Friday 9/14) at the Seattle Eagle!

Photos by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: Chicago Make Out Party, August 2018 Market Days at Jackhammer


Thanks to everyone that made the Markey Days edition of the Make Out Party the wonderfully queer slutty wonderland it was, check out your pics below, they are perfect for showing your mom or storing in a scrapbook for when you teach your grand kids about pup play maybe xD

Join us for the next round of make outs on October 6th at Jackhammer!!


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Photobooth: Make Out Party Vancouver at VAL

Vancouver you sure know how to break the ice (or maybe it's just the jello shots help), check out your photos from the first ever Vancouver edition of the Make Out Party! Thanks to VAL and Matt Troy for hosting us!

Photos by Roman Robinson of Nark Magazine

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