Mugshots: sex.wav Anniversary at The Mercury 4.03.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

I'm not really sure what is happening here, but I suppose candy colored drag queens rolling in candy needs no explanation. Check out your photos from the sex.wav anniversary party at The Mercury shot by Rachel Robinson below!

Don't forget to check out the horizon while you're at it, this Friday is our Easter edition of Dickslap mania at The Eagle, and it's definitely not too early to be getting your weekend passes for pride this year! Featuring BenDelaCreme, Le1f, Joslyn Fox, New York / Tiffany Pollard, Cakes Da Killa, Riff-Raff, Roy G Biv, Tiffany Roth (Midnight Magic), Trouble, Boy Funk & Rap Girl, Cherry SurBete and all your favorite local party-powerhouses! Proceeds benefit the GENDER JUSTICE LEAGUE and GAY CITY HEALTH PROJECT!

 ---------> --- GET TIXX HERE --- <---------





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Gender Blender 2014 Announced! Feature

Written by Nark

THURS 6.26 - SATURDAY 6.28





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Jagermeister CAPHILL Is Now Truly A Legendary Dick Narked

Written by Nark

Recently, Capitol Hill dwellers went to "torch and pitchfork" over this new ad sitting up on 12th street (no one cared when it was a mural for Portland, because it was advising people to go elsewhere!), and rightly so. Guess what: people get pissed when you appropriate their culture and, for us, Capitol Hill is our own culture hub, and it is being snatched from us quickly. 

BUT THERE'S A BIGGER PROBLEM HERE PEOPLE. At the sight of this ad, weekend crowds, condos, and all the other things that symbolize "gentrification" in the way we hate it the most, the local friends and neighbors of Capitol Hill and surrounding areas are instantly throwing in the towel and saying "WELP THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" But why? If you don't want "them" to win, then stop turning over like a lazy bottom and letting these people have their way with you. One local artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has instead started taking back the walls of Capitol Hill, and putting our Seattle style, middle-finger touch out there.


Now Jagermeister, you are truly a CAP HILL legend. A Legendary DICK. 

Update: Just snagged this daylight photo from Allen Wilson today..



There have been other anti-Jager posters going up as well. This photo was taken from Kelly O's Facebook.

Keep it up and hold your ground!

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Mugshots: sex.wav 3.06.14 at The Mercury Nightlife

Written by Nark

Photos by Rachel Robinson

Don't miss our weekend of madness coming up!

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Mugshots: Dickslap Gay Olympics, The Eagle 2.21.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Well, last week at The Eagle we found out how Seattle does the Olympics- GAY, such makeout, wow. What a super fun night thanks to Mark Louque for turning it out like it was prom all over again, Rich Kelly for steaming up the cage, and I can't wait to see what footage artStar got! Thanks to Rachel Robinson for capturing these photos and Tom Colonna, your local handy homo, for helping me construct our queer olympics sign. Much sparkle.

This Friday is a special debut of our last Friday nights at The Eagle, BEAM ME UP, hosted by TW, with a performance from Minerva Major-Markos and your nu-discotheque DJ's Futurewife and Casewag, get dressed UP. And mark your calendars, next month at Beam Me Up JINKX MONSOON returns to where it all started, the Eagle cage, for a special homecoming performance, 3.28!

Next month at Dickslap, 3.21, we have the incomparable Brian Lyons on the decks, and the return of Trevvy Trevoix (who now goes by Earthen Oxytocin) for a special LIVE performance! Hosted by Amoania.

Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson

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Photobooth: Shade! 2.14.14 The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

Here are the photobooth and some roaming pictures by Rachel Robinson! Get in to the groove, get in to the mood, and get into your jock gear for the Dickslap gay-lympics Friday!

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Mugshots: Shade! 2.14.14 at The Eagle (Roaming Shots) Nightlife

Written by Nark

Another beautiful night at Shade, full of gorgeous creatures! It's great to get shooting again and capture all the lovely faces. Can't wait to see them this Friday at the Dickslap Gay Olympics! Below are the roaming photos by Kevin Kauer, the photobooth photos by Rachel Robinson are coming next!

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Mugshots: sex.wav at The Mercury 2.06.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Battle of the Seasons Afterparty! The Eagle 2.04.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

If there's one thing we know, it's that queens love them a Nark party! The Battle of the Seasons afterhours at The Eagle last week was amaze, hosted by future queen of the world Ben Delacreme, we got some gals to come take off their press-ons and touch some boys, including Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox, Manila Luzon, Ivy Winters and Pandora Boxx- you CAN party on a Tuesday Seattle! And you look real good doin' it.

See you this week for SHADE, and you better get yourself R-E-A-D-Y for Dickslap next week, there's a whole lot of hot beardy talent comin' in this month. Dahm.

Photos by the incomparable Rachel Robinson!

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Dickslap Video Recap + February Madness Nightlife

Written by Nark

DICKSLAP 1.17.2014 from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Steven's at it again! Check out this spicy recap of January's Dickslap shenanigans, you look good as always.

Are you ready for the Gay Olympics for the February Dickslap? I don't know what that means, really, but someone has to come out on top right? The very extra special beast from Provincetown, throw of the awesome Fag Bash and traveling fetish party Luther, Mark Louque is coming to grace our presence in the DJ booth. And as if that wasn't good enough, we've also got a super woof-tastic little furball known as Rich Kelly (check out his tumblr, NSFW) to dance around in the cage alongside Baby Bear, I'm kind of sweating just thinking about it. This is gonna be one for the books.

Also, come find me or someone in the know and ask us about CLUB WHY the following night... this is off the books so that's all we will say here.

RSVP to Dickslap NOW!

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Mugshots: Shade! 1.10.14 at The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

Shade went into full effect this month.. wait.. last month, oops I'm a little behind on getting these out! Regardless, it was amazing and gorgeous and filthy and sexy, this is a night that will have so much more impact on the world then just a few hours of drinking, you better watch out (also, why is Micaila ^^see above^^ so HOT). Come out to Shade everyone 2nd Friday of the month and celebrate with me, Riff-Raff and Butch Queen, and next week it happens on Valentines Day.. which means... NOTHING! And everything. And my femme daddy Roy G Biv is DJing so I will of course be a servant that evening. See you there...

What's that? you can't wait a whole fuckin' week? Well, to keep you satisfied we do have two little gems happening this week... starting with tonight! It's the RuPauls Drag Race Battle of the Seasons afterparty, hosted by the divine Ben Delacreme! This is gonna get wild, we know Willam, Detox, Manila and more love them the Eagle, so I'm sure we can't keep em away.


And if that wasn't enough... Christy Love (NYC, House of Stank) is coming to house you down alongside Riff-Raff and Nark on Friday for JACK! 

Without further adieu... Photos by Kevin Kauer

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One Fierce Queen To Rule Them All Nightlife

Written by Robert Roth

The always fabulous Steven Didis worked his video magic again, and actually made some of the performers at Fierce Queen look good. While Cherry Sur Bete walked away with this month's title, you can still judge for yourself who you think the best queen was.

Hellen Tragedy

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Hellen Tragedy from Steven Didis on Vimeo.


FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Neuroses from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Cuntella Von Tease

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Cuntella Von Tease from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Autumn Equinox

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Autumn Equinox from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Cucci Binaca

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Cucci Binaca from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Angel Snowbunny

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Angel Snowbunny from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Heather Hysteric

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Heather Hysteric from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

EmpeROAR Fabulous

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - EmpeROAR Fabulous from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Olivia LaGarce

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Olivia LaGarce from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Cherry Sur Bete

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Cherry Sur Bete from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Kat Jacobs

FIERCE QUEEN 1.24.2014 - Kat Jacobs from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

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