Mugshots: Bottom Forty at The Cuff, January 2020

A special thanks to the Bottom Forty crew turning it out at The Cuff this past Sunday night, we couldn't wait to get these photos out to you so here they are! The Cuff, if you didn't know (but you do know) recently came under new ownership, joining the Queer Bar / Grims family, and this past weekend Bottom Forty got to see their homecoming return to where they started, 8 years later! After seeing the crowd and the dance floor we think it was definitely a well anticipated homecoming, and look forward to more!


Speaking of more things, this weekend has a special night in store for you. Pigs Fly is back this Saturday the 25th and there's a special sports gear theme, we also have mega babe DJ James Cerne in from Boston to turn you up and out, and this will be the LAST Pigs Fly at Queer Bar, so get into it !!!



Photos by Roman Robinson

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