Photobooth Part 1: The Chicago Make Out Party, February 2018 at at Jackhammer


If there's one thing Chicago seems to know how to do it's how to stay warm as hell during winter, and that's with a lot of babetastic making out, you can't let snow stop you from all of this can you !? We really like this thing we're doing with you Chicago, I think we want to make it official, but don't worry, you can still see and make out with other people, we're very VERY open. 

Check out your set of Make Out Party photos by Roman Robinson below, this archive is enough to impress all of your family on your achievements of polyamory and jello shots! 

But before you do that, take a moment to check this out... We'll be returning to you soon in a special way... on the 31st of March come out to Jackhammer for a special party... BOTTOM FORTY. Bottom Forty is a queer-powered record label, DJ collective, mix series and long-running party for radical inclusivity under the tutelage of the best DJs our scene has to offer world-wide, there is more info TBA but our extra special guest and recently named resident of the awesome club Renate ALISON SWING from Berlin will be coming in from across the Atlantic to throw down for you. Bottom Forty is for everyone, everybody and every body, communities are bonded over dance and this is our safe space to to close our eyes and dance all night and touch souls or butts or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . 

Click on this poster below to snag a ticket now <3 

Without further adieu, your photos by Roman Robinson of Nark Magazine






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