Mugshots: Bottom Forty w/ Trax Only and Paramida, October 2018

 You can't get a better more friendly rave in this town than a Bottom Forty, we were happy to be down there photographing away as Trax Only, Bottom Forty and Paramida dished out the dancing til 6:30 in the morning, y'all looked foine as hell and here's the proof. If you like what Bottom Forty has to play for you then come check em' out this Saturday at The Eagle as they play an all night set for you to celebrate the sluttiest day of the year (minus pride... and folsom.. and dore.. and last Friday... and you're average coffee break..) 

Also a little birdie told us their next warehouse partay is on 12/30 at the same locale with Mike Simonetti, ooooo.

Photos by Roman Robinson

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