Mugshots: Dickslap! August 2017 at Seattle Eagle

You know Dickslap is approaching it's... 7th year? I think.. maybe it's more? When the dick is good you're bound to lose count amirite? I don't know. The point is, sometime I wonder, will anyone even come to this night? Are we washed up losers here? Then I forget that this isn't the case because where there are babes and booze and good music there is, well, those three things. This last month of August, the peak of our Seattle summer, was no let down here. Woof! Check out your pics below!

Don't forget to join us this Friday for the September Issue (mostly daddy and submissive issues) with special guests the Mobius Sisters and host Arson Nicki, it's going to be pinchy and cute (in a masc4misc way). Also while we have you you need to check out a couple more things...

Like, the next Bottom Forty RAVE which is happening at Mobius on 10/14 with Trax Only and Paramida, MORE INFO HERE! and the Into? ball returns, you can sign up to work the runway and win $1,000 or just come and spectate in Seattle's biggest and craziest spectacle pageant and dance battle! 



Okay without further adieu, photos by Roman Robinson

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