Photobooth: Smother at SF Oasis, Dore Alley Weekend 2017

Damn Dore, what up Dore the Explorer, y'all were finding Dore tho, y'all are aDoreble! You liking these puns? No? Stop forever? Ok got it. But hey, look, we do appreciate you comin' thru to see us at Oasis a couple weeks back for this lovely affair! Thanks to Terry and Abominatrix and Kara for hosting that photobooth and looking weird and sexy, and thanks to Roman for making us all look good in front of all this ToF art, btw, who got the biggest dildo that night?


Come out to play with us (with your lips please) this Saturday at SF Eagle for the August edition of the Make Out Party! With special guest La Fraicheur in from Berlin!! She's sure to turn you up, plus guest hosts Viktor Belmont, Kelly Lovemonster, Crafty Dough and Chris! :* :* 




Photos by Roman Robinson

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