Adore Delano Sashays Away, Sativa In Hand

Adore Delano's new single "I C U," whose video was released in tandem with the airing of the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 episode that features her tearful, self-imposed exit, shows Delano in a deconstructed streetwear cocoon; multicolor fur patchwork coat, a trompe l'oeil visor, inverted basketball jerseys and forest green braids. RPDR judge Michelle Visage was initially blamed for Delano's September 1 departure from the program (Visage received death threats to that effect, at least) and it's probably no coincidence that the "I C U" neo grunge aesthetic is precisely the kind of alt look that the judge has been known to pan on the show. 

Even the song's lyrics throw subtle shade at the RPDR powers that be. In them, Delano announces the break-up with a lover she once loved, but with whom she has now grown apart. 

Honey, I loved the feeling that you gave to my sickly heart
You wanted space even though we're a million miles apart
It's time to pull the plug
We're done, through and through

But you can't say Delano didn't give her relationship with reality TV her best shot. She got her start as a California teen on the seventh season of American Idol, singing her way to the semi-final round. With that appearance under her belt Delano was a natural choice for Drag Race, and thrived on the episodes, eventually taking second place to foul-mouthed comedy queen Bianca del Rio

Though she originally expressed hesitation at re-entering Drag Race's world of catty backstage conversations and sudden death lip sync rounds, Delano only made it to the second episode before tearfully telling Ru that it was time for her to back out. The judges were mean, she said, it wasn't what she had signed up for.

Fans were distraught, but they shouldn't be. Delano had just achieved clarity about what she wanted from her career — concerts and studio time, not confession booths and wardrobe challenges. With the release of "I C U" she was letting the reality TV juggernaut know that their time together had come to a close — and perhaps foisting on us a gentle reminder that Drag Race is not the entirety of her artistic career. After all, she has released two dance pop albums to date: 2014's Till Death Do Us Party and this year's After Party.

With "the show" behind her, Delano has put herself into the driver's seat. It's now or never when it comes to her musical career, which begs the question: are you down? Will you be at her Nark Magazine Pacific Northwest tour Oct. 27-30? The babe took the time to chat with us about the really important issues like talk show trolls and weed preferences, read on to learn what kind of joint to throw on stage when you come through for one of her stage turns.


NARK MAGAZINE: You’re a high femme too! What’s your favorite kind of weed, indica or sativa? Do you have a favorite strain? You’re also Californian, do you have your medical card or are you waiting out legalization?

ADORE DELANO: I’m a sativa boy! And yes, I have my medical card!


NM: Do you perform stoned or is that a no-go? And is it true that queens aren't allowed to smoke while they're on the show? (If that's true) what do you think of that rule?
AD: I perform stoned all the time. I find it helps my brain and voice work more fearlessly. 


NM: You mentioned that Raven Symone’s “gross” comment was the catalyst for your exit from All Stars 2. Why do you think the show was edited to make it look like Michelle compelled your exit?
AD: Michelle and Raven were equally nasty that day, I just don't know Raven personally so taking it from her was a bit harder. Her comment wasn't the catalyst for my exit, it was the cherry on top of a fucked up sundae in my head. It was all just too much.


NM: Was Ru trolling us when she chose Raven to be a judge on Drag Race? Some of the stuff she said on The View about race in particular was pretty tragic. 

AD: I love Whoopi.


NM: Give me the short list of artists or producers you’d like to work with in your musical career.

AD: I wanna wait until I die because all of my idols are no longer on this planet we call earth. 


NM: You’ve pretty much worked all angles with reality TV at this point. Is it safe to say you’re done, or is it a lifelong addiction?

AD: I’ve only been on two reality show competitions which both showcased talents of mine. I will never do that again. 


NM: Let’s end this on a high note. Please share an unpopular opinion you have. 

AD: I hate dark chocolate. 

Check Out Adore Delano live in concert up and down the west coast this Halloween, 10/27 in Portland, 10/28 in Seattle and 10/30 in San Francisco! 

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