Mugshots: Shade Photobooth! 6.13.14 at The Eagle

See you queers at PRIDE!!!!

-Thursday Night 6.26 Gender Blender at Neighbours Nightclub w/ BenDelaCreme, LE1F, Joslyn Fox, Boy Funk & Rap Girl, NEW YORK (Tiffany Pollard), Amoania, Tiffany Roth, RIFF-RAFF, ROY G BIV, Purple Crush and more! Proceeds benefit Gender Justice League and Gay City Health Project


-Friday Night 6.27 DICKSLAP at The Eagle with CAKES DA KILLA, Jimi Jaxon and Nark, hosted by Cucci Binaca!

-Saturday Day boat cruise SOLD OUT

-Saturday Night 6.28 Sketch Disko at KREMWERK w/ Tina Tokyo, Futurewife, Trouble and more

Photobooth by Rachel Robinson


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