Mugshots: Dickslap!! 4.18.14 at The Eagle

DICKSLAP ! Gettt your Dickslap ! Another fun and crazy night, can you ever get enough?? Thanks to Rachel Robinson for capturing all our debauchery, I can't wait to look through these myself and see just who slept with who!! Thanks again to Vagabond Superstar for tearing up the dance floor, and Olivia LaGarce for being so pandorable!

But until then, we are getting ready for the best party of your lyfe tonight at Neighbours Nightclub, it's the return of FIERCE QUEEN anddddd FEROCIOUS MEMORIES together andddd it has HI FASHION live! 

You still have til 5pm to buy a presale ticket, it's the same cost as you'll drop at the door but if you buy presale we'll send you a special discount code tomorrow that will save you money on Pride Weekend passes!

Come cheer on your favorite queens!


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