Mugshots: Shade! Roaming and Photobooth 3.14.14 The Eagle

Queens and kings and everything in between and beyond have been killing it with the looks and the sexiness at Shade! Thank you for that, in return enjoy your memories below..

It's undeniable, Friday nights at The Eagle are just ridiculous fun. All the time. This weekend we have a double whammy so pay attention, scream queen, general witchcraft practitioner and part time Stevie Nicks impersonator Amoania hosts Dickslap this Friday, along with forest faggot queer Earthen Oxytocin aka Trevvy Trevoix doing a comeback live show in the cage. And just to keep it going night by night, join us on Saturday for the Eagle's 33'rd anniversary, providing cruising for homos for over three decades now, we celebrate with Trouble (Terry Hecker, Trouble Disco), Nark and the return of Rich Kelly to the cage! 

Now now calm down, here are your roaming photos by Kevin Kauer (Nark).

And now your photobooth photos by Rachel Robinson!


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