Mugshots: Shade! 1.10.14 at The Eagle

Shade went into full effect this month.. wait.. last month, oops I'm a little behind on getting these out! Regardless, it was amazing and gorgeous and filthy and sexy, this is a night that will have so much more impact on the world then just a few hours of drinking, you better watch out (also, why is Micaila ^^see above^^ so HOT). Come out to Shade everyone 2nd Friday of the month and celebrate with me, Riff-Raff and Butch Queen, and next week it happens on Valentines Day.. which means... NOTHING! And everything. And my femme daddy Roy G Biv is DJing so I will of course be a servant that evening. See you there...

What's that? you can't wait a whole fuckin' week? Well, to keep you satisfied we do have two little gems happening this week... starting with tonight! It's the RuPauls Drag Race Battle of the Seasons afterparty, hosted by the divine Ben Delacreme! This is gonna get wild, we know Willam, Detox, Manila and more love them the Eagle, so I'm sure we can't keep em away.


And if that wasn't enough... Christy Love (NYC, House of Stank) is coming to house you down alongside Riff-Raff and Nark on Friday for JACK! 

Without further adieu... Photos by Kevin Kauer


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