Mugshots : Ferocious Memories!!! 12.13.13 at Neighbors Nightclub

Now THAT's Ferocious! What a incredible night, we had so much fun together, shaking our asses to Rye Rye, throwing our panties at Bright Light Bright Light, motorboating Amanda Lepore, dancing our butts off to P-Play, Ambrosia Salad, Chelsea Starr and Nark, we got special visits from Jinx Monsoon and Ben Delacreme, the list just keeps going on and on- what was your Ferocious Memory? Can you remember anything after those tasty and potent Absolut Tune drinks our sponsor so generously donated??

But alas you are all HONGRY for your photos, so we won't keep talking away, here they are! We had a few photographers so they are separated by artist, enjoy! And don't forget to join us tonight (Friday 12.20) for our 3 year anniversary of DICKSLAP shenanigans at The Eagle!!

Photos below by Rachel Robinson!

Damn. Look at that. Oh wait there's more!! Photos below by JJ Cariaso and Todd DeJarlais.

AND you get a little backstage action with a special photoshoot by Angel Ceballos!

And one more set of awesome polaroids we had to include by Rio Flowers!

We also did some portrait work ALL BY OURSELVESSSS downstairs, here's a couple quick snaps from that...

Aren't they the cutest? More to come on that later..

AND one more thing for now to fill your eyeholes with, a sweet recap video by Steven Didis!



Ferocious Memories 12.13.2013 from Steven Didis on Vimeo.


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