Mugshots: Dickslap Portland w/ Jake Shears! 11.17.13 Rotture

Thanks for coming out to the Portland version of Dickslap! What a fun scruffy night, I mean, the gif says it all. Sorry for the delay on your photos, we've had a busy month over here, join us in December for the next installment of GOSPEL featuring the one and only MICHELLE VISAGE! Plus, P-Play (Honey Soundsystem), Ambrosia Salad, Nark, Shitney Houston, Roy G Biv, Hold my Hand, Madame Dumoor and.. more! 12.15 at the FEZ BALLROOM, get your tickets HERE and grab a VIP to hang with Michelles Visage's rack!


Photos below by Rachel Robinson, but first, you know half of Portland is coming up for this, right? Just sayin'.


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