Mugshots : Dickslap w/ Lady Bear & Chipmint 10.18.13 The Eagle

Just when you think Dickslap couldn't get any crazier, well.. it DOES. What a wild night, thanks so much to our sexy punk-faggot performer STOSE for rocking out the cage, to Lady Bear for workin that room and workin that camera, we can't WAIT to show you the footage she got, and to Chipmint and Nark for cranking out the tunes.... all these beautiful and fun mens keep coming out of the wood works, don't miss out, next month's Dickslap is on NOV 15th, hosted by Cherry Sur Bete and Olivia LaGarce, and features an EXTRA special guest DJ that we are not allowed to announce yet, stay tuned! 

Until then, come out this Friday night for a real treat, Jack is being graced by the San Francisco legend and disco daddy, BUS STATION JOHN! This is real special, $5 all night, woof woof. Check out an interview and learn more on about Bus Station John over here on Bottom Forty.

Oh, and while you here, you might be interested in knowing about THIS majorness.

Introducing our newest all-out balls-to-the-walls smash happening three times a year at Neighbours Nightclub, FEROCIOUS MEMORIES! Featuring VIP host Amanda Lepore, live performances by Rye Rye, Bright Light Bright Light (UK), dj'd by P-Play (Honey Soundsystem, SF), Nark, Chelsea Starr (PDX) and Ambrosia Salad (LAX), hosted by Aleksa Manila, Mama Tits, Artstar, dancers Ross Milam (Scruff), Baby Bear and Jason Krause (PDX), with plenty of other surprises for you, tickets go on sale very soon, save the date.... Friday the 13th! December!!

Without further adieu, here are your pretty faces, photos by Rachel Robinson!


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