Mugshots : Dickslap! September 9.20.13, The Eagle

Another wet and wild night at DICKSLAP thanks to Aaron Clark and Minerva! There's some big and exciting new shenanigans coming down the wire at The Eagle in the next coming months so you better get ready to set up camp. Shenanigans like.... Kadeejah Streets next Friday, a special Saturday JACK w/ Christy Love (NYC, House of Stank) vs. Nark with performances by AMOANIA & GRACE TOWERS (SF), hosted by Zaki, DICKSLAP October features ChipMint (SF) and hosted by the one and only Ladybear (SF) (RSVP HERE), and yes, I am mounting a gopro camera into her wig, so get ready. Oh, and did I mention little miss Kim Ann Foxman is coming to Jack on November 8th? OH AND BUTCH QUEEN starts partying with us on November 22nd for SHADE. 

Take a moment to just soak all that in, and then enjoy your pretty faces below, photos by Rachel Robinson.


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