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Queer magic brought to by the kings of Butch Queens! Continued support towards Rusty Nails medical recovery has everyone in high spirits, here's an update-

"Hey I just wanted to let the ever so receptive internet know how I'm progressing. I have physical therapy 4 or 5 days a week with a rad pt who kicks my ass(and she is from philly!) I can transfer to my wheelchair/commode with no assistance. I have learned how to use a transfer board and I even sat in a regular ole chair! on Thursday I have an ortho appt. to find out when I can get these damn pins out(I'm so ready!!!!) I will be walking within 3 months. goddamnit! I really love you all and I am so appreciative of the fundraisers and hellraisers that are helping me and supporting me! PS Happy moms day!!" -Siobhan / Rusty Nails

In case you are starting to plan for PRIDE, check out our festival of events, ticket sales will benefit Gay City Health Project AND Rusty Nails / Siobhan's medical recovery

And now for... LOOKS! All photos by Rachel Robinson.


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