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Nark Magazine - The Ultra Low-down on Q


The Ultra Low-down on Q

If you have been living under a disco-free rock the past few months, or possibly never walked around Broadway, then maybe you don't know what is about to hit Seattle in the face and hard- Q Ultra Lounge. If you have been keeping up with what's going on around town, or you are into the local and otherwise music scene, then I'm sure your eyes have been set on Q Ultra Lounge and it's possibilities, due mostly to their kafiftyjillion dollar sound and lighting rig and big lucious dance floor plans.

BUT- you probably still have no idea what is in store for Q and I'm sure are frightened at the big chance for another busted club on the hill, well that is exactly what our concern was and so we met with Scott, the owner of Q, with one statement on our mind which I verbally expressed to him- "DON'T FUCK IT UP", and I can tell you after getting all the scoop on Q, it's Shante You Stay (RUPAUL).


The first thing Scott and I discussed was music and I was glowing and shaking my arms around with glee when many of these key phrases came out of Scott, such as- "if you play Lady Gaga in my club, I will throw you out," and Scott's likes are "old school house music, with new stuff, with disco- like OLD VINTAGE disco," and especially "to me the apex of house music was 1992, I'm friends with Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, and eventually in the course of the next year all of those guys will be out here to play... what I want Seattle to be known for is electronic dance music... you're going to understand from Monday to Sunday what we are doing and why, there is a thematic connection." Did I mention there's a 1200 sq foot dance floor? 

When it comes to music and dancing, Q is working out every last kink and leaving nothing behind, from their $150,000 lighting setup to their TOP of the line soundsystem. The design and flow of the room is going to be SUCH an experience, and everything has been thought out, from the long hallway entrance (that means no waiting out on the street or in the freezing rain/snow), to dedicated coat check rooms, to seating made out of the same material as the dance floor JUST SO people can get up and dance on the furniture (many of which encase their own subwoofers), to lighting installations, mezzanine lounging, view-points, individual bathrooms with vanities, I could go on and on. Q is obviously pumping all of this money and design into their bar to make it amazing for its patrons, not just some half-assed room they say they own and flaunt their egos about; free drink so you can't tell how ugly my club is? Not going to be the case.

Another concern I feel looming over Seattle community with Q is they will be pushing their way into the city, doing whatever the fuck they want, not giving a shit about our very tight knit and special community of people and musicians a like, but I don't think that will be the case. "I forsee maybe our Monday or Tuesdays acting as a labratory for some of our young DJ's to come in for the course of that night, bring their friends in and have an audience- a lot of these kids play in their parents basement and they are never going to have the chance to play on $300,000 Funktion-1 soundsystem- maybe that will inspire them to work on their talents."

Along with just musicians, Scott made it very clear that his staff is going to be very important to him, and well treated. I think we can all agree that a poorly put together and poorly paid staff is a huge downfall in so many bars and clubs across Seattle. Nothing is worse than dealing with a dickhead bouncer/door person or a bitter depressing bartender. Q will be holding their employees close, paying them well and keeping everyone happy, this is great news not only for patrons and atmosphere but for those hired on, because everyone needs a good job they care about. It came across very clear through our conversation that Scott has the community of Capitol Hill first and foremost in mind.

Great, now let's tackle probably the BIGGEST subject here- CROWD. The biggest worry to any club and club-goer on the hill, of already established joints and new places, is what will the crowd be and what will they allow. Now first, I know there has been some talk going around and people up in arms about Q not calling itself a "gay club." Now I will say, from the get-go I agree with this decision, it's very important to our culture to mix crowds together, Capitol Hill is a mixed community and everyone should be getting along- Nark events have always been about mixing together guys, girls, in-betweens, gays, straights of all colors, shapes and sizes, under one sentiment- getting along and having a good time; Q is thinking along the same lines, and that is why they call it a "Captiol Hill Club", because it's not just a gay community here. People would feel alienated if they called it a straight club just as people would feel alienated if they called it a gay club, because it's not one or the other it's both. Now I know, that doesn't satisfy you, but it was followed with this statement, "we're going to work very hard to keep the wrong people out of here who are not here to have fun and togetherness, we don't want the [incoming stereotype but you ALL know what it means] "Pioneer Square crowd" or the "Belltown crowd."

I don't want to give away all of Q's secrets, but I had another subject on my mind and that was, 'are you going to rape us on drinks?' Simple answer- no. Q will be providing what I love best, giving you the expensive and full-on experience- for cheap. When the bar is at capacity, bartenders will be undoubtedly slinging out drinks fast and cheap, but on slower nights they will be dedicated to making cocktails personally for you to your liking, along with a list of affordable specialty cocktails to help expand that liquor pallette of yours- AND there will be a seperate bar dedicated to the finest in bourbons and local beers.

Set to open in September (like, for real real, AND WITH NO COVER on opening night), Q Ultra Lounge will be an experience like no other in Seattle, and it is ready to give it's fullest to Capitol Hill, I think it's pretty clear this club is here FOR us and to provide everything it can, I say we take it in with open arms. I think Q will be a continually growing and upgrading experience as well with egos left behind, feel like something is missing? Maybe you should just let them know, I bet they will listen. 

Needless to say, we here at Nark Magazine are excited to experience Q and to see some amazing musicians come through on a regular basis on that soundsystem. It's too easy to look at a big club or investors with a lot of financial backing and scoff, but people- this is why Seattle DOESN'T GET as much touring music through it's doors, and why we have to pay out the ass for large festivals, sardine crammed in with 50,000 other people. We also think that since Q is a large club experience, it won't be taking away from our favorite dives either, also at a time that a lot of us feel almost entirely pushed out of the Pike/Pine corridor, we get to put our foot back in that closing door and say 'excuse me, I was here first.'


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