Diesel Releases a Yellow Stream all the way down Capitol Hill

It's come to my attention that Capitol Hill's new bear / daddy bar Diesel may have it out for long standing staple Capitol Hill gay bars. Is it because they favor the same clientele? Are the current bars just not good enough for them? I looked further into this and dug through the grapevine...

It would seemed from what I have gathered that the owner of Diesel was a patron of The Eagle before opening his own bar, nothing out of the ordinary there. However upon further asking it would seem that he was kicked out of the Eagle not once, but twice. I'm not sure why each time, but apparently one of them was for wastedly pissing on the floor. 

Now I'd say welcoming this person back after their first altercation with a gentle bartender is rather kind, but for this type of behavior they did the right thing. I know if you peed on the floor in my house you would certainly be 86'd from Nark manor. The Eagle seems to take no active stance or aggressive bias on this situation, they are just doing their job and keeping their establishment friendly to all us wild life, and certainly keeping the smell factor to a minimum, (maybe a litter-box night is in the works?). 

But it doesn't stop there, Diesel owner and partner is also reportedly going up to the employees of other established Hill gay bars The Cuff, Madison Pub, CC Attles, Pony and Purr and telling their employees that they should come work for Diesel since they are going to steal all of their business anyways. This douchey small time mentality is not being well received, especially in our still rugged economy, most establishments on the hill are supportive of each other as they are all sometimes on the brink of door-shutting (i.e. sayonara Chapel). One person comments, "When did Kent move into Seattle?". 

However things seemed to get a little more heated when reportedly bartenders from multiple local bars were out on a night on the town which included stopping in and supporting the newly opened Diesel. After knocking back a few and minding their own business and handing over their hard earned cash to the bar, one of the Eagle bartenders was spotted and removed from the bar.

This raises to question the friendliness level of some of our bars on the hill. As far as the Eagle goes, they have more than opened their doors to all walks of life, if you want to come in you are welcome. However I have stood at the door and turned away anyone that comes in with a sour-shit face and says out loud "ew, there's a girl here?" because I think we can all agree that no one needs a debbie-downer sexist asshole around them at any given time. As far as other bear/man market bars go; at CC's I have always felt welcome no matter who I am with, it maintains the friendly neighborhood sense while also gathering a whole lot of scruff-tastic gentlemen. While I like Madison Pub, I have learned that walking in there with a cute girl in arm is a major no-no, and in my book that's a major bar turn-off, you know those moments where you open the door and the record skips and everyone turns around? Reeeeally uncomfortable, however their bartenders are sweet as triple chocolate cake. I've always felt fine at the Cuff, minus maybe my mesmerizing fixation on that fisting drawing, but that's my own thing. Pony has always been great as long as you keep your shit together, but that's the magic of it, as bar manager Marcus Wilson has done everything from shooting confetti in my face and making me feel like a princess to kicking me out himself for me being a dumbass. While Purr isn't really my scene, I've still had a good time there and haven't ever felt unwelcome, but that however brings me to my next point.

When did we stop drawing the line between gay and bigot and start drawing it between twink and bear, fag and masc, leather and couture, butch and fairy, guy and girl, stationary and trans-gendered, GAY BAR AND OTHER GAY BAR? What happened to agreeing on one thing, that homophobic / violent / sexist / racist / idiot people sucked and start stabbing all of each other in the back instead?


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