Jagermeister CAPHILL Is Now Truly A Legendary Dick

Recently, Capitol Hill dwellers went to "torch and pitchfork" over this new ad sitting up on 12th street (no one cared when it was a mural for Portland, because it was advising people to go elsewhere!), and rightly so. Guess what: people get pissed when you appropriate their culture and, for us, Capitol Hill is our own culture hub, and it is being snatched from us quickly. 

BUT THERE'S A BIGGER PROBLEM HERE PEOPLE. At the sight of this ad, weekend crowds, condos, and all the other things that symbolize "gentrification" in the way we hate it the most, the local friends and neighbors of Capitol Hill and surrounding areas are instantly throwing in the towel and saying "WELP THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" But why? If you don't want "them" to win, then stop turning over like a lazy bottom and letting these people have their way with you. One local artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has instead started taking back the walls of Capitol Hill, and putting our Seattle style, middle-finger touch out there.


Now Jagermeister, you are truly a CAP HILL legend. A Legendary DICK. 

Update: Just snagged this daylight photo from Allen Wilson today..



There have been other anti-Jager posters going up as well. This photo was taken from Kelly O's Facebook.

Keep it up and hold your ground!


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