Blackbird Boutique Slips-Up, Social Media Strikes Again

Looks like Blackbird got itself into some trouble yesterday with this little comment on Facebook. How many times do I have to say it people!? Quit fucking yourselves over by not thinking before hitting post!

I saw this image posted on local DJ Amber Slaven's page with the following quote,

"I've shopped at Blackbird for years. Imagine how disappointed I was to see this status update shortly after I was there today. You know, looking at the sale rack of shorts. Really, guys??? Pretty sad, pretty stupid."

Pretty stupid indeed. Oh how I could count the the number of reasons why, but let's start with a couple of the top reasons. It's one thing to try to make your boring day pass on by slipping some cunty banter under your breath to your fellow employee, but if you are going to represent your business in an online form, on a social media platform, to which at least 5,000+ people are looking at, you might want to consider who has access to this, because yes, the people you are making fun of can actually see it, and that person might be an important public figure about town. Goodbye business!

Needless to say, and rightfully so, this caused a minor inter-web shit-storm for Ballard based boutique Blackbird. Here's a little snippet of the action.

What's our opinion? Blackbird made a mistake, it's not cool at all, it's not alright, but it was a mistake. Mistakes have consequences and they are experiencing that right now, I'm sure they have learned their lesson and meant no actual harm. But maybe if anyone would listen to me TIME AND TIME AGAIN when I write stories about how Facebook fucks people over (maybe Blackbird could stand to LOSE A FEW SHORTS) then maybe they wouldn't have gotten themselves in hot water in the first place. 

Local businesses, if you are going to have a Facebook Fan Page, realize the impacts of modern marketing and social media, and if you can't figure that out, hire someone to run it for you, not your employees.

Please share with us below your opinions on this.


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