Track Marks: Miracles Club

The Miracles Club make their music based around the emphasis of my two favorite things in the world; sultry 90's technicolor house beats with dive bar keyboards and a perfected disco southern percussion. It wouldn't be my first guess to hear this coupled with dreamy vocals leaking in from outer space (or more specifically from Honey O's windpipe), but that combination itself is the stilleto that holds up the heel on this pair of dancing shoes.

I think any DJ has a certain sound they lust after, hidden deep down inside, and upon hearing Miracles Club for the first time, which was live at Hard French down in San Francisco during Folsom Fair, the bell went off immediately for me. While it may not be the 100% exact representation of that sound I endlessly search for, I was certainly hooked from the first beat and traveled to Portland (in which they reside) to see their very next show, alongside the Cut Copy DJ's they seem to have a magical friendship with as they often remix each other, that's some pretty solid cred.

If you are not familiar, I searched through Soundcloud to find all their free to download tracks, so get on it now because you know we all like to say we heard it first.

The Miracles Club - I Can't Help It

The Miracles Club "A New Love (12" Mix)"

It's So Hot (The Miracles Club Remix)

Sheen Bros - It's So Hot (The Miracles Club Remix)

Cadillac - Dreams (Miracles Club Remix)

Utopia (The Miracles Club Remix)

Sheen Bros - It's So Hot (The Miracles Club Remix)


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