Summer's End from Futurewife

It’s fitting, as the Seattle days slip from summer into fall, that Futurewife (PYT, Brilliantine) and Sister Girlfriend have just released their collaborative track “Summer’s End”. Described by Futurewife as being “dedicated to the Indian Summer where that one ‘could have been’ left you wondering,” the song’s cool, poppy, disco groove perfectly captures the vibe of the waning summer season.

“I actually wrote the song last summer, and had Tiffany sing the backing chorus,” Futurewife told me, “but it wasn't until the fall that I found Sister Girlfriend. It seemed silly to release the track in winter, so I’ve been redefining and starting it over ever since.”

Like many tracks released by Futurewife, “Summer’s End” has a pared-down sound, strongly influenced by a disco vibe. It’s inherently accessible, and a welcome counterpoint to today’s proliferation of anthemic pop/rock and hip hop. The vocals, provided by Sister Girlfriend’s Ryan Batie, along with Tiffany Wan, sound clean and earnest. Batie’s lyrics evoke the feeling that many of us have at the end of a summer romance, when we’re not quite ready to let go of the warmth of summer’s embrace.

“When the cold is at the door,” sings Batie, “I don’t want to be alone.”

“I want to be your Summer’s End,” replies Wan.

The song even includes a sexy saxophone solo performed by Rob Hanlon, also of Sister Girlfriend, lending it a hot summer night feeling reminiscent of the Miami Vice soundtrack.



“Summer’s End” is currently available as a free download on the Futurewife Soundcloud page. Grab you copy now, and start reliving the memories of warm nights as you tuck yourselves in against the chill of the rainy Seattle fall.


You can enjoy more of Futurewife’s music sensibilities an an upcoming event he’s hosting this coming Friday. The Institution 003 happens Friday 9/26, from 10pm - 6am and features an amazing DJ lineup, including Karl Kling, John Barera, DJ Pavone, Joey Webb, and DJ M3. You’ll find all the details on the Facebook event page.

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