Music March

It's getting colder (wtf?) here in Seattle and all I can do is think more and more about summer, and these tracks really have me revving for it... The first thing I did this morning was come across / be entranced by this video and song by Alien Alien. The track is great and it's filled with fierce queer trannies flippin' it upside down and reversing it in some major heels. What's not to love?

Further research was of course required in this instance, and this gay-boy-disco-dream-name-dropping blurb pretty much melted my eyeballs and made everything make complete sense- "Their cosmopop anthem Roygbiv, an obscure Boards of Canada cover, has been featured in the first Roccodisco split release, in Summer 2008. Their Tape Oxyde number, released on the Honey Sound System label (San Francisco) and then on the Glasgow’s Solardisco, topped many disco and house charts and has been featured in a Hercules and Love Affair mix for Mixmag. The new BLACK GURU EP, out on Slow Motion label on vinyl and on Roccodisco in digital format, features remixes from Severino (Horse Meat Disco) and The Heels Of Love." -Slow Motion Music] Which then led me further down the rabbit hole into checking out Slow Motion Music, and well, it's just pretty much all over for me and will be spending the rest of the day getting my hands on whatever I can.

I've also been checking out TRUST, which is basically Crystal Castles minus the cocaine. Definitely check it out, and apparently they are coming to the Electric Tea Garden on April 13th, although it doesn't seem fully confirmed yet.

Here's some other tracks we're into right now...

Living for the break at 1:39, it's like a little meatier Chromatics. Pick up this track on Beatport.

Love this track by 5eya, makes me very excited for a Seattle summer! Pick it up here.

Some great 'French-electronic' is the best I can describe it, best applied on a desert night. Out now on Discotexas, another great label. Make it yours.

Totally in love with UK Sylvester-esque acid disco bear diva HARD TON. Get, on, it! 


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