Double Duchess Put The World On Blast In Their New Video, BUCKET BETCH

If you were to ask Joe Blow in Smalltown, USA what San Francisco was like he may well tell you it was a land where sodomy was a suitable substitute for a handshake, glitter fell from the sky like rain and men wore all the heels. Thank God Double Duchess came along and proved that everything Mr. Blow assumed was dead on.

The Double Duchess babes davO and Krylon Superstar have been spitting rhymes and slinging sass on the San Francisco queer scene for about as long as I can remember but with their debut EP, Hey Girl, hot off the presses and West and East Coast tours under their belts they’re about to go global. It’s only fitting, then, that the debut video from Hey Girl, Bucket Betch, be a warning to queers from San Diego to Stockholm that Double Duchess are on their way and they’re bringing a San Francisco mix of sweat and sparkle along with them.

[Warning: Shameless/Righteous Self-Promotion] You can catch Double Duchess live in San Francisco alongside Austin’s own Christeene on August 10th at CHURCH, a new and highly unholy quarterly party at Public Works presented by Peaches Christ, Bearracuda & yours truly. Buy your pre-sale tickets now, betches.






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