Clutch Control: Bottom Forty Sundays

Someone must have called the corners, 'cuz the Cuff (Seattle) is chock full of wizardry w/ 'BOTTOM FORTY' on Sundays! DJ Nark and his residents Riff-Raff, Pavone and Spaceotter are bringing the magic back, to the once staple, of the Seattle gay dance scene. But with a twist... duh.

Although primarily a gay-male watering hole, brimming with sexy bear bodies, adorned with leathery goodness, queens dressed to the nines, and even your everyday sports fan; this multi-level, multi-functional club is now home to the brainchild of Kevin Kauer's (DJ Nark), QUEER BEYOND BELIEF... 'BOTTOM FORTY'.

What to expect... a dance floor with plenty of space to work it out on; an inclusive environment for all respectful beings, and uncompromising, non-top 40, track selection. So bring those dance shoes with you, and leave your song requests at home! 

We're loving on Maxxi Soundsystem right now, seems like everything he touches is turning to gold, check it out.


Check out Bottom Forty, every Sunday at the Cuff, from 6pm-Close

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