Mugshots: Bottom Forty Interior VII 2.14.15 at Kremwerk

We went deep in the valley of love and house music for Bottom Forty's Valentines special and Kremwerk's 1 year anniversary. What a great time with endless hours of dancing brought to you by Sean Majors, Blueyedsoul, Gene Lee and the Banger Sisters, with Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and Erik working the pole, the delusions lounge providing breaks from in/sanity... if you haven't been to Bottom Forty yet you just don't understand the magic in the air at a dance party of this caliber, so why not check it out next month? Every 2nd Saturday, the next Bottom Forty is March 14th with special guests Julia and Brian Lyons! RSVP Here.

Thanks to Keith Johnson for these photos, soon we'll have the photobooth photos up as well!



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