Mugshots: Pride Cruise! 6.28.14 on The Islander Yacht

It was another amazing pride cruise! Seattle summer sunshine is the best, and what's better than dancing out on the water with a bunch of your favorite homoz? In case you missed out on this cruise or you are ready to do it again (which you SHOULD be) we have four more cruises lined up for you this summer, starting with SATURDAY JULY 19TH, the Dickslap Hangover-board cruise at 3pm!

Check out our full summer schedule, and grab an early bird weekend pass before next Saturday HERE

7/19 3-7pm Dickslap Hangover-Board Cruise w/ Harry & Jpeg (Chicago) & Nark

8/02 1pm-5pm Brunch Cruise hosted by Shawn Morales (RPDR Pit Crew) w/ Roy G Biv & Nark

8/31 3pm-7pm Labor Day Weekend Cruise with MILK, hosted by The Markos Sisters, w/ Chipmint (SF) & Nark

9/20 3pm-7pm Bottom Forty Exterior Paradise Cruise w/ Secret Guest, Guy Ruben (SF) & Bottom Forty


Photos by Rachel Robinson




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