Drag Princess Tips: Mattify any lip colour!

I absolutely adore the look of matte lips, but it can be difficult to find matte lip colours. In fact, most “matte” lipsticks I purchase often have a soft crème finish, instead of a pure matte. I can’t even begin listing how many “matte” lip colours I’ve purchased, only to be disappointed later.

However, I’ve discovered a stupidly easy way to turn ANY lip colour matte. I’m actually amazed (& slightly ashamed) I haven’t thought of this earlier!

All you have to do is lightly blot a little loose HD powder over your lip colour. I know, right? It's seriously that simple! If you're a matte addict like me, you're probably crying over all the money you've spent on matte colours in the past!

You only need a tiny amount—I like to apply with a concealer brush or a disposable wedge. Make sure you’re using a HD powder, any brand will do. Regular loose powder isn’t finely ground enough, and you’ll need to use more to get the same effect (which will result in dry, thick, and perhaps even clumpy lips. Ewww!). However, that being said, don’t go overboard with the HD powder either, or you’ll have white spots on your lips. You only need the tiniest amount to mattify! 

Don't have any HD powder and don't want to invest in a full jar? Pick up the mini-sized jar that's the perfect size for your pout.


Here I’m wearing my Swagger Cosmetics gloss in Lolipop (even though it’s called a gloss, it has a crème finish—making it a perfect candidate for mattifying) by itself, and with a dab of powder on top (sorry my lips are a little flakey. I hope you exfoliate more often than I do!). 


This works best with colours that have a crème, satin, or semi-matte finish already. You can use this technique with high sheen-glosses, although if that’s what you go with, I’d advise you to apply as little gloss as possible (think more of a wash of colour, rather than a mega-watt pout). 

Congrats! You've just doubled your lipstick collection!

Blake Karamazov is a San Francisco based makeup artist, Swagger Cosmetics creator and only eats vegan glitter and rhinestones.  


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