Next stop, Dragtopia (thank UK drag illustrator Rosa Middleton for the ticket)

This is going to be tough, because it won't work if you can't read the sentences that follow or have looked at the photo that precedes this sentence, but you all are smart people so: close your eyes. Imagine a world in which those Hey Tranny! photos weren't of Seattle Pride's most sequined nipple Sharon Needles mess of a party and were actually images of everyday urban casual. 

A world of drag? Leopard chaise lounges parked around a center square plaza where the fountain laps around the back fat of a starlet statue kicking her ankles up while she clutches the microphone? Dragtopia. So now (eyes closed!) imagine our giddiness at receiving Brit illustrator-drag king Rosa Middleton's work in our inbox. She's drawn the world we (don't) pay cover to see. See if you can spot her drag king alter ego Kenny Linguss in her "Dragtopia" illustration above.

“I have this idea that one day maybe I’ll get to meet all the characters I’ve drawn in some wonderful afterlife,” Middleton wrote to us from her digs in Bristol, England. “Mostly, I draw for the amusement of creating my own world and playing in it.”

If her heaven means naked tandem bike-riding and gender-bending fast food holes named Trans-Fats, she's racking up St. Peter's points toward that beautiful eternity. Middleton's work, from the party flyers to her massively darling short film The Queer Umbrella -- which defines “queer,” epically, as: “included but not limited to … and you can complete the rest.” – breaks the viewer into the world of queers. Look!

In closing, Middleton's quick-and-dirty guide to Bristol, which you will want to visit as bad as we do after reading. You can open your eyes now.

It’s the hometown of Blackbeard the Pirate. In summer, there’s a different festival every weekend (Upfest, Dot to Dot, The Balloon Fiesta, Harbour Festival, Kite Festival, Pride, etc.) making it a very encouraging environment to be in as a creative person. It’s a lot of fun to live here. Awesome parts of town? For coffee, the Old Bookshop. For films and talks, the Watershed and the Cube. For queer club nights, Horseplay and Wonky. And for climbing trees, Ashton Court


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