Perfecting the Tumblr // GIF // Smartphone Trifecta

Tumblr, my iPhone and GIFS are all ruining my life. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't write, I can't work, I'm late to everything (well I already was...). Why? Because I'm convinced there is an animated response to every possible situation, and I'm hell bent on finding them. 

So if you, like me, would like to stop using the English language on your phone (yes, gifs animate in text messages on smart phones, did you know?), or you simply just want to waste hours and hours of your life adapting the mentality of a teenage stoner (let's face it, doodling is endless fun, now we just do it digitally), I suggest bookmarking or following these Tumblr's for your resources. 


Nene Leakes Weave is probably the ultimate Tumblr for retarded pictures, especially if you love Paris, Nicole, Britney, Lindsanity, Mean Girls, reality TV, or anything trashy. Get in to it.

Some gems from Nene Leakes Weave:


For those of you who think every time I mention the name Lisa Dank I am doing some sort of shameless self-promotion, get a fucking life, oh wait, why am I using real words-

The fact is, Lisa Dank's Tumblr is non-stop-HIGH-larity.

Some gems from Lisa:

Look, I've got to stop, this has taken me hours to put together because I'm just in this Tumblr vortex again. Here's a couple more sources to keep you busy FOREVER- Lilo's Lip Injections and New Kids on My Cock (delightfully and entirely NSFW).

If you're on an iPhone and like Instagram, also check out Gifboom- same layout and idea but you make gifs from photos or videos instead. Basically there is no one on the social part of that app that is over the age of puberty except me, but let's not split hairs.

Well, love ya' but I'm out of here-


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