Bottom Forty Record Label Launches this Weekend with N.D.S.F.


Man, 2016 has been tough already huh? Let's dance it all off Saturday night at Kremwerk as we release our first record! Fly little record, fly!

Posted by Bottom Forty on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bottom Forty’s first release perfectly represents the eclectic, adaptive aesthetic that the collective has proudly cultivated. N.D.S.F. is the serendipitous collaboration between Bottom Forty’s creator Nark, Friends With Benefits Records label honcho David Sylvester, and soon-to-be LA-based producer powerhouse Futurewife. Weaving samples of their favorite records into original songwriting, “Fine On Your Own” is a seemingly light-hearted house track that turns deep, with a pounding yet cosmic 303 that beats on your chest while the vocal samples keep your spirits high. By the end of the breakdown, the infectious melody of “Fine On Your Own” has worked it’s way into your head, and you’ll find yourself dancing to it all night long.

While the original track synthesizes each producer’s style, the accompanying remixes transform “Fine On Your Own” into each individual artist’s world of dance music. Nark’s remix brings “Fine On Your Own” into the dark, vibrating basements where industrial subtleties make their return into techno, whereas David Sylvester’s mix juxtaposes the acidic and atmospheric elements of the original, tying them together with dubbed out synth stabs, and finally Futurewife’s mix pulls "Fine On Your Own" into the climax of a party rocking set with its driving nu-disco vibe. 

Check it out below and order your copy here now on BANDCAMP, and come to the release party Saturday night (1/09) at KREMWERK!




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