Winning Dad Premieres in Seattle for the SLGF Festival

Arthur Allen’s debut film Winning Dad had me laughing, crying, smiling and learning, and it’s effects reverberate well after the ending credits, which would be the goal of any independent director, and one in this case who also played double duty as the starring role of Rusty, a charismatic character who is set up to go solo on a camping trip with his boyfriend’s bigoted father in hopes to win him over through his charming and puppy like qualities, but WD takes a few twists and in some moments we see the smiles fade and Rusty’s character shows a darker side.

Official Trailer from Arthur C Allen on Vimeo.

At brief times WD rubs up against the cheesier side of a “hetero-normative” romance in it’s paradoxically queer-love-struggle based story, but this only helps relieve some of the tension that the secretive and manipulative characters create around them that often ends up in tear shedding from the characters and the audience. WD is less of a edge-of-your-seat movie and more of a sink-into-your-seat movie so you can hide all the FEELS, and with that comes our great recommendation to go check it out at the Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival TODAY (Tuesday 10/13) at The Egyptian Theater at 7pm and either way add it to your movie collection when it becomes available for purchase this December (check out Winning Dad’s website for more info).

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