Picking Kenny('s) Brain

From modeling around the world to becoming a famous reality star appearing in the second season of "Big Brother: Canada," Kenny Brain is definitely is an eccentric hairball of a man that seemingly flies by the seat of his form fitting pants. 

Tomorrow, he will be the special guest host at Nark Magazine and The Eagle's monthly night of debauchery, DICKSLAP. I got to catch up with Mr. Brain to chat about his Halloween costume, why he's excited to make his Seattle debut, and the most awkward sexual encounter he's ever had to endure.


BRAD GILLIGAN: In a city filled with beard-lovers, the news of you coming to Seattle has gotten many people excited, to say the least. How familiar are you with the area? 
KENNY BRAIN: I'm not at all really. Part of the reason why I'm so excited to get there. I've heard nothing but great things, plus I'm a sucker for a great beard myself. 


BG: What attracted you the most about hosting DICKSLAP? Have you ever actually been slapped by a dick before?
KB: At first, it was the fact that it was in Seattle. Like I said, I was never around the area before and heard great things, but then when I looked into the history of Dickslap and what it kind of evolved from, I was even more interested. And of course I have. Isn't that a thing?


BG: What's the one thing that Seattle should expect when partying with you?
KB: I've been known to bust a move after a couple of drinks. 

BG: Are you more whiskey or vodka, or something else entirely? 
KB: Whiskey for sure. When shooting, anyways. I'm also a huge gin fan. It's like drinking a forest. 


BG: People can be really weird in bed sometimes. What's the most awkward sexual situation you've ever been in?
KB: Oh, god. I was with this one guy who couldn't get off unless I screamed 'I LOVE YOU!' over and over again in different ways. That was only after a couple of dates. Needless to say the relationship didn't work. 


BG: Is there a certain type of guy you go for? Or, are you open to pretty much anyone who catches your eye?
KB: I like a dark, scruffy, kinda guy. Creative, but manually inclined. Honestly, I find weird things endearing like someone's hearty laugh or a certain mannerism. So, they're isn't really a set mold. 


BG: You once said that you grew your famous beard upon breaking up with your ex-boyfriend, mostly because he hated your facial hair. Is it safe to say that it's here to stay as your signature look, or are you going to crush dreams by shaving it on a whim?
KB: Well, I've always kinda had scruff. Since I was like, 11... or, a shorter beard. I think I went through puberty at the age of nine. But, yeah, after that relationship, I kinda let it get to a whole new level. And I like it? I can't see it going anywhere anytime soon. 


BG: I would assume that your resident gay app is Scruff, but I could be wrong. Do you even have to use them? 
KB: I do use Scruff sometimes, but it never sticks around too long.  I download it. Then delete it. Then download it again because I'm weak. I dont go out much anymore so it's hard to meet people otherwise. Plus I've actually made some great friends in different places solely because of the app.


BG: Let's play Marry / Fuck / Kill --- Frankie Grande, Ozzy Osbourne, and Rob Ford (former mayor of Toronto). 
KB: Haha, oh god. This is tough. I would have to say: fuck Frankie Grande, kill Rob Ford and marry Ozzy Osbourne. But, I think Mr. Ford and Mr. Grande have a good chance of switching positions for fuck/kill. No, I take that back. I would never fuck Rob Ford. Ever. 


BG: I wouldn't dare ruin the surprise of your Halloween costume, but can you give us a hint?
KB: It's hairy. 



Maybe he'll wear his famous white speedo and nothing else? Well, if you want to see Kenny Brain in the flesh, you can catch him and the rest of your friends tomorrow night for DICKSLAP: Halloween at The Eagle... we suggest getting there early!


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