New York's Cups Runneth Over

"Well, my cups runneth over. My boobs are so ratchet," is the first thing Tiffany Pollard, AKA New York, told me before our interview. "They have a mind of their own! I can't get them to act right and sit still in any type of bra. I love 'em!"

Admittedly, I had asked her what her bra size was. After seeing a picture of her with DJ Nark at the HBIC Ball in Portland, I just needed to know the size of those watermelons.

New York has been on the fast track of stardom ever since VH1 debuted the hit reality show "Flavor of Love" in 2006. Due to her popularity, New York got her own spin-off called "I Love New York" that spanned two seasons as well as side piece shows of her adventures, like going back to work and booking gigs in Hollywood, CA.

"My life is SWEET! I'm finally at a place when I'm calling all the shots and removing elements that no longer serve a purpose in my life," she said, noting the changes in her life after her stints on the reality shows. "I fully love and accept all of me. It took a lot of growth to get to that place, but now I'm there."

Tell your partner that you're working with a splinter, so they won't be expecting to get hit with a two by four"

New York is well known for telling it like it is. During an episode of the second season of "I Love New York", when Tiffany was on a date with Ezra "Buddha" Masters, she told him it would be so fucked up if he was that gorgeous and had a small penis. I asked her if she had any advice to men in Seattle that might not have an anaconda swinging between their thighs.

"My piece of advice would be to be really up front with it! Tell your partner that you're working with a splinter, so they won't be expecting to get hit with a two by four," she paused. "You may at least walk away with a happy ending out of respect for your honesty!"

She had such a commanding presence around her men on the show. I wanted to know if she was the 'head bottom bitch in charge' while in the bedroom, too, but she pleaded the fifth, and said she'd divulge that information to me in private.

What about her taste in music?

"Believe it or not, I actually listen to a lot of Gospel music. It inspires me to a level that is unexplainable," though she said that's not her only favorite. "I'm easy to please when it comes to music, I like whatever is playing on the radio at any given moment."

When your mother's nickname is Sister Patterson, it's no surprise that you would be into the music you hear at church.

The last time we saw New York was for Portland's HBIC Ball. This week she'll be hosting the VIP section of Nark Magazine's "Gender Blender" at Neighbours Nightclub. She said she was honored that Seattle called upon the original HBIC.

"Judging by the experience I had in Portland at the HBIC Ball, I know Seattle is ready for me and I'm ready for them, too," Though, she insists that everyone needs to be on their baddest behavior in her presence. "The VIP ticket holders can expect H.B.I.C 'realness' at all times. One of the performers at the Ball got offended because I said her hair was nappy...but, it was! You gotta come correct when I'm doing the judging, 'cause I keeps it 100."

I've never attacked anyone that didn't have it coming to them. If you get it, you had to have been asking for it"

Don't let that hard exterior fool you, though. She said that to this day, the biggest misconception people assume about her is that she is a bully.

"I've never attacked anyone that didn't have it coming to them. If you get it, you had to have been asking for it," she laughed. "I'm actually an easy going, cool a$$ Capricorn. I don't make the drama, I just know how to end it. The thing that I can NEVER get enough of is CONFIDENCE! That gets me every time."

Unfortunately, don't hold your breath for a third edition of "I Love New York". When asked, she flatly replied: "Never! These hoes ain't loyal." But, she's excited about her new management and direction in life.

"I'm in love with my life and everything in it. I can't complain at all," she said. "I have new management with fun ideas and direction. Plus, I'm working on my own sidebar project that I can't wait to unleash in due time."

What about her fans and especially her haters in the Emerald City?

"To the fans and to the haters; here I come bitches! New York is in the motha-fuckin' HOUSE!"


It's back, and it's better than ever. This year's Gender Blender marks 5 years of Nark Pride shenanigans, so you better hold on to your ass, because it's gonna get rocked.

The Gender Blender VIP Lounge, hosted by Tiffany Pollard aka New York (of Flavor of Love, I Love New York), includes a late night meet and greet with Joslyn Fox and BenDeLaCreme, along with 2 Absolut cocktails.

Ticket sales benefit Gay City Health Project and the Gender Justice League.









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