Nark at Nite, When Homos Invade Your Dreams

Nark at Nite from Nark Magazine on Vimeo.


What happens would there so many drag queens and faggots in your life that they start invading your dreams and even your TV? Let us show you how...

Starring BenDelaCreme, Jinkx Monsoon, Peaches Christ, The Markos Sisters (Kaleena, Minerva and Cherry Markos), Cucci Binaca, Amoania, Siren-Hung Majesty, Zak the Barber, Isaac Pomales, Fazaad Feroze, Maxwell Brisben, Ronald McFondle, Hamisi Nunes, Gil Bar-Sela, Shane Warnick, Christopher Darling, TW D'Abney, Brad Gilligan & "Trooper" and Eric Despain.

Live the dream at the Nark Magazine Pride Festival in Seattle, 6.26-6.28

Written and Directed by Kevin Kauer / Nark
Videography and Editing by Steven Didis

6.26 Gender Blender hosted by BenDelaCreme and New York (Tiffany Pollard) w/ Le1f at Neighbours Nightclub
6.27 Dickslap Pride Edition hosted by Cucci Binaca w/ Cakes Da Killa at The Eagle
6.28 Pride Daytime Cruise hosted by Nark on The Islander Yacht
6.28 (Night) Sketch Disko closing party w/ Trouble, Futurewife & Tina Tokyo at Kremwerk




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