AB SOTO: Butch Queen Meet Banjee Girl

Born on the mean, or should I say, queen streets of East LA, AB SOTO is sashaying through the queer music scene with a unique mix of butch, femme, scenester and fashionista. He’s fiercely crossing gender lines like a champion hopscotch player, with his drag ball inspired dance moves, banjee girl attitude, and five o’clock shadow.

AB is currently taking the world by storm on his Kickstarter funded HUNTRESS tour, which will bring him to the Portland Red Dress party on Saturday, April 26. I just had a chance to check in with him, and here’s all the T from the butch queen herself.

NARK: AB SOTO? What’s that mean, girl?

AB: My birth name is Abraham Soto. My friends started calling me AB for short back in high school.

NARK: Explain NY queer culture to me in seven thousand words or less.

AB: The bitch is ALIVE!

NARK: Does it need improvement?

AB: I really love the energy that artists bring to nightlife. There is a community of open minded people that are creating and expressing themselves in a unique way.

The kids were living and the shade was thick. The police was called and the event ended early due to a fight. We were serving FASHiONZ tho! Heeeeey!"

NARK: Butch queen, when's the first time you were in drag at the ball?

AB: It was a while ago. I remember it being very underground and in a warehouse somewhere. The kids were living and the shade was thick. The police was called and the event ended early due to a fight. We were serving FASHiONZ tho! Heeeeey!

NARK: Tell me your future.

AB: I'm touring and always creating. She's working on new music and she's always thinking of the next music video. She's very visual. I always like to challenge myself.

NARK: When, if ever, is the last time you shaved your chest?

AB: Never. Never have. Never will. Lol.

NARK: What's your momma like?

AB: My mom is hilarious. She is super sweet, energetic, and always cracking jokes. She loves to dress up and tell me all about her fashionz. Every time I come over she'll show me all the different outfits she wore during the week. It's the cutest thing. When I was in college I took her to get her navel pierced. She even wanted to get the same gay rainbow tattoo I have but I wouldn't let her. The last time we were at Starbucks and the barista asked for her name she said "Jennifer Lopez." It was everything!

NARK: Best place to get laid in LA?

AB: Silverlake.

NARK: Best place to get paid in NY?

AB: Anywhere cash is accepted *wink wink*

NARK: Lastly, WTF are you gonna wear to Red Dress?

AB: Something super slutty and CRUNCHY. Duh.

Those of you on the mean streets of Portland can check of this furry little churro, along with yours truly, at the Portland Red Dress Party on Saturday, April 25, at Sandbox Studio. Get more info or tickets at


Can’t make it? Check this gurl out in the video below, and catch her in NY in May as the tour continues. Get more info at


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