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Dickslap is third Fridays at The Eagle. Dickslap is a sexy scruffy dude-filled party that all the qweens flock to. Dickslap features the finest (in many ways) DJs around. To top it off, Dickslap is now a Tumblr, full of bonerrific dudes, party photos too racey for Facebook, unreleased shoots, and other general debauchery. Follow it. Love it. Sample it below.


Dickslap is going on the road in August with Willam, Detox, Vicky Vox, Shawn Morales, Ross, Baby Bear and more, hitting LA 8/9 (Faultline), SF 8/10 (The Eagle), Vancouver 8/15 (Celebrities), a special early show in Seattle on Friday 8/16 at Neighbours Nightclub with a full show from Willam, Detox and Vicky (Tickets here), an official SCRUFF party that night at The Eagle, 8/17 part deux with Detox at The Eagle, and lastly Portland 8/18 (Branx/Rotture, tickets here).




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