Got your attention? Good, because TYPE / FACE has ours. Recently we were down in Los Angeles providing the beats for John (a monthly dandy-inspired party at Faultline) which also coincided with the premiere and release of our sister nightlife-photog Gabe Ayala's new zine TYPE / FACE. Yes, a new zine, you know, the kind printed on paper, you know, that thing we used to write on before computers? Well it's here, and while we already know Gabe is a top notch creator, I must say we're really impressed over here. 

Riding the line somewhere between BUTT, Fantastic Man, and Gabe's transcontinental spank-bank, Type / Face is a gorgeously arranged and printed zine focusing on style, brains and brawn. Featuring five different covers (three pictured above) of the same issue, you can personalize your purchase to best suit your eyes desire. Yes, I said purchase, because you won't find TYPE / FACE filling up space on blogspot or .com's anywhere (although you can follow their Tumblr which is basically following hot-dude-pic-method that Tumblr invented), however we will give you a sneak peak of our Seattle style guide we contributed.

Go pick up a copy, put it on your coffee table and arouse your house guests (literally, watch out). Also we are bringing Gabe / Rolling-Blackouts up from LA to photograph you at Pride this year, who knows you might be in the next zine! Grab your Pride info and tickets here.



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