Everything you need to know about our gaytastic queery whorrific weekend of drunken homo shenanigans, are you prepared? Checklist- lube, condoms, tear-away outfits, sunblock, speedo, wigs, harness, ummm, that's probably all you need. This year is the queeniest and we are holding nothing back with this lineup, and as always your crazy party times and morning walks of shame actually benefit the community, not just by adding 10am glamour to your walk but by keeping our hill alive and functioning. Ticket sales will benefit Gay City Health Project (our local free HIV Testing/Awareness center) and donations will be made towards Rusty Nails / Siobhan, a member of our community recently hit by a drunk driver, remember for this weekend, find a DD, take a cab, rent a hotel, just do anything but drive.

Have you seen our full lineup honey bear? 

<<<<<<<<<<<<< LESS THAN 10 WEEKEND PASSES STILL AVAILABLE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Split over a two day span our festival, with two night time parties and a day time brunch and boat cruise out on the water, dancing in the sunshine, what more could you want? Don't be stuck in a dark dingy sunless bar during the day!! Limited weekend passes are available for purchase to assure your spot at EACH, VIP available as well, don't be left out they are selling fast! 

Let's get the play by play, shall we? First up is....

GENDER BLENDER!! This is the biggun', the big big biggun'. Now in it's fourth annual installment (the party previously known as Hey Tranny it's Tranny), our biggest and baddest-hip-padded-ass party and fundraiser features an insane lineup featuring Seattle's best and brightest drag genius, including our new hometown SUPERSTAR winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5.... Jinkx Monsoon! Alongside runner up Alaska Thunderfuck and co-star Honey Mahogany. Of course we wouldn't just go that easy on you though, in her first Seattle concert we have a headlining show from New York's Cosmic Angel and gender ninja, Mykki Blanco! 

But you're still not off the hook, our lineup also includes the return of our witches brew, Amoania, local superstars Robbie Turner, Artstar, Jackie Hell, Ade, Mama Tits, Aleksa Manila, Cherry Sur Bete, Cherry Markos, Minerva Major-Markos, Olivia LaGarce, Kaleena Markos, and our hostess the brilliant Ben Delacreme. Of course, this is a dance party remember? We're bringing together some of our favorite party jammers Roy G Biv and Mister Charming up from Portland to go head to head with local fly girl flavor Hoot N' Howl. This queer revolt and benefit is EVERYTHING. 

AND---- we have tickets available for the 18+ crowd for afterhours (after 2am entry), THERE WILL BE SHOWS FROM THE QUEENS AFTER 2AM so stick around. 

Remember you can tell all the stories you want but it don't mean a thing without that picture queen, grab a VIP pass to Gender Blender to get access to our mezzanine, hosted by our ladies of the night, for all your meet and greet and photo needs.

Watch Jinkx Monsoon and Ben Delacreme duke it out Dynasty style for the starring role in Gender Blender!


That's just the beginning... make sure to set your alarm for...


MEN AT SEA! Some of you may have been on our weekly boat and brunch parties last summer, and those of you who were, well your memory might be fuzzy, you do know there is no finer way to spend an afternoon than dancing out on the sun deck of the Islander Champagne cruise, flashing passing by boaters your freshly tanned ass and sipping mimosas (sipping? maybe not that modest). The best part? You don't even have to figure out brunch yet (because we KNOW that is an essential part of your day) because we will provide it for you thanks to Kitchen Sink Project, the brunch is FREE and if you are so starving you can't even function there is additional food available on The Islander. Boarding starts as early as 2:30pm to get your drink and eat on, just be on the boat by 3:45 because once it leaves dock at 4pm there's no coming back til 7! Featuring two floors of dancing, the main lower deck at the bar with Freddy King of Pants and out on the sun deck, most likely in a jock strap and nothing else, is Brian Maier in from SF. 

This is Brian, you're welcome.



And finally, with just enough time in between to get some whiskey-absorbing food in your belly...

It's IIIIIIIIVIEEEEEE WINTURRRRRRRRS- err, ahem, IVY WINTERS. With stilt walking, knife juggling and who knows what else, this smiling face and carnival queen from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 is joining us in the North West to show us her C.U.N.T.y skills in person. Located at the amazing FRED Wildlife Refuge we've joined forces with TROUBLE to do what we do best, to get an idea of what's in store for you check out this video from past TROUBLE parties at FRED, kind of mind blowing!


Trouble @ Fred Wildlife Refuge April Edition from Luxcollective (T.J. Davis) on Vimeo.

Joining us are some great DJs and performers, including aerialists and acts from Cherdonna Shinatra and her twin CherCher, Artstar, the Can Can Castaways, and JUST ADDED to the lineup Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover! Two rooms of tunes brought to you by Futurewife, Justice & Treasure, Trouble and yours truly Nark. A mesmerizing end to a ridiculous fest, if you can muster the strength on Sunday you can go hit the parade, best of luck (stock up on coconut water and kombucha).


SAVE MONEY!! Grab a WEEKEND PASS and secure your spot in each party! Limited Availability...

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