Bottom Forty Launches, Your Life Improves


First thing's first, see the above? That's how you are going to follow and keep up with Bottom Forty. Also, you are going to join their Facebook Group Page here. Yes, you have no choice in the matter, so whip out your phone and open your favorite a.d.d. / time passing / thing to look at to avoid awkward situation apps and hit the follow button. Let's move on.

Just what is Bottom Forty and why should you give a damn? Great, good question, well let's start from the beginning. Just about a year ago I felt the need to sew together my favorite queermosexual Seattle DJs with spectacular taste and musical skills into a super group, or league of musical justice if you will, called Bottom Forty. In doing so, we brought together not only some great selectors (Riff-Raff, Spaceotter, Pavone and myself) but also created one bizzare weekly party under the same name. It was a wonderful setting, a dance club that looked like it (and surely hasn't) been manipulated since the late 70s, and with mildly pretentious abandon we pushed out the mainstream mechanics and brought this dancefloor back to its roots. Early in the evening each Sunday we began with the finest classic disco, our weekly older gentlemen regulars powdered the floor and twirled until their sweatbands needed to be rung out. Then we moved on through the various eras of music, incorporating all that we love about disco, house, techno, acid, soul, funk and more. In a few months and with absolutely no budget we brought in some amazing guests like Honey Soundsystem, Miracles Club, In Flagranti and all of our favorite amazing local DJs. We took the scene out of being seen by banning photography and phones and pushed everyone to let loose together, leaving their weekly woes behind them.


As with all things, especially in the gay world, we were washed away by the usual consensus of wanting to hear Rihanna, Gaga and whatever else it is you hear at the supermarket, or quietly playing at Value Village, Wal-Mart, blasting out of convertable Mazdas or whatever black hole you choose, the top forty charts. While I know next to absolutely nothing about modern pop music, it isn't the mission of Bottom Forty to detest another genre, taste or lifestyle, but merely to celebrate the underground choices and culture that we particular queers represent. In doing so began the creation of this website, our means to continue this path of creation and mind expansion.

So grab a hold of this power tool as we hope to provide for and inspire DJs with new and classic tracks and dancefloor killers we come across, provide some herstory of the last few decades of the music and club scene, keep the music nerds well informed, supply (possibly drunken) reviews and recaps of nights out in random cities, and provide a radio station for everyone else to listen to. As future-forward dance clubs all over this town are taken over daily by Britney Spears and circuit parties we aim to take the scene out of the nightclub and into your hands, bringing you exclusive mixes from our favorite DJs and producers world wide, no cover charge, no need to dress up, just look over to the right of the page and hit play and take it all in.

As we travel around DJ'ing basements, surfing on couches or sitting on beaches we bring all the inspirations we find back to you, which is why we say, "Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert." I’d like to introduce our newest members to Bottom Forty. Our newest DJ, Jimi Jaxon, has been making ripples around town with his calculated and thought out sets, particularly as a Decibel Festival resident, but we decided it was time to quit the ripples and start making a splash, expect to see more of this one. Also our new contributing writer, dear friend and loyal disco-savant-extraordinaire Tony Radovich brings us decades of knowledge and club history lessons you won't want to miss. Go to the B40 DJs page to learn more about us individually. So bookmark it already, we will be bringing you daily content and tracks new and old as well as exclusive releases, consider us your newest unnatural resource.

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