Montana the Bar Expands wide, like Montana the State

Montana is my favorite bar on the hill. There, I said it. Perhaps I haven't shared this with you all yet because I don't want you to know where I am at all times, or maybe even more so because I want to sit at their great and intimate booths, where all the best bonding moments with friends happen over countless pickle back shots and stick figure table carvings, and I just can't do that when you all take them from me first, but that is about to change.

Let's backtrack a little bit- if you are wondering to yourself 'Montana? The state? Isn't that kind of a commute for a night out, what a committed alcoholic you must be' well then you are not in the know, and you need to know. Montana is more than just a state, or a state of mind, or a dying iceberg, it's also a bar. It's made of wood. It contains friends and puppies and a photobooth that goes off on its own. It's conveniently located far from potential Cap Hill madness which makes it a great place for nightlife monsters like myself to hideout and sip sip, also they show Drag Race on Mondays and it houses super friendly bartenders and bartendresses, but wait- there's more than one cherry on this sundae. 

Montana and RGB Owner Rachel Marshall being all crafty and cute

Montana also contains a seemingly random and ever-alternating selection of cocktails on tap, that means a freshly made cocktail that gets deliciously carbonated and pours right out of the tap, but these aren't your average whiskey-coke or screwdrivers. The creations vary from juice based to margaritas to caffeinated coffees that contain more fancy and delicious ingredients than I can remember, combinations that you'll just have to discover for yourself, some of my favorites have been based off gin and carrot juice or spicy tequila beverages. A couple of these drinks and one of their pickle backs (that's a shot of whiskey backed by a pickle juice vinegar) brings back the interest in cocktails and liver transplants, especially if you are work at bars like us and get really tired of ordering a Jameson and ginger. Speaking of ginger, this brings me to my second point and the best and brightest reason why I can't seem to get to Montana early enough in the evening before it's busy; Montana the bar is connected directly to (as in proximity and owned both owned by Rachel Marshall) the extra-delicious and locally made Rachel's Ginger Beer, a spicy and powerful ginger beer that completely changes the ginger beer game (yes, there is a game, didn't you know? Well guess what, Rachel won and took all your cards). Rachel's Ginger Beer is a delicious beverage that you can get at Montana, The Farmers Market, Madison Market and more, I even made sure it was stocked at Q when I worked there. Keep in mind RGB is a non-alcoholic beverage which also makes it a great alternative for sober Sally's or when you wanna hang out with your friends at the bar but don't want a potential hang over.

But the kitchen proximity and lack of space is no more! Rachel's kitchen has moved out of the space next door to the bar to be bigger and more super-successful-mass-productive-like somewhere else out of sight who cares, because the walls are coming down all around as Montana the bar pushes it's way next door in a coup d'booze that means more wiggle room, seats, booths and puppy parties for all, hurrah! 

To celebrate this expansion, Montana is throwing a special expansion party soiree this Sunday night (February 24th) with special guest DJ Blueyedsoul (yes, there's even room for a dj now, not that Montana is a dance bar/club, no laser lights here just good old fashioned cozy woodsy dive-bar'in). So come down and buy a congratulatory drank and enjoy the new wide open ranges of Montana. The Bar.

Montana is located at 1506 E. Olive Way across from Clever Dunnes and open from 4pm-2am daily. Give your stomach some loving by checking out the new Malaysian food hut next door as well (previously Taco's Gringos). 


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