Nark Exclusive: Swagger Cosmetics Age/Gender/Whatever Bender Editorial

We've been waiting days, weeks, months to get our hands on these images from a new shoot for and featuring Swagger Cosmetics, a (once) local and handmade brand of makeup by Seattleite (yet recently vacated to San Francisco) Blake Karamazov

Swagger Cosmetics, a vibrant and flashy line of colors such as 'Blonde Dyke', 'Rad Cunt', 'Ballin Outta Control' and more, are applied to one of Seattle's mini-marvels, Sailor Hank, son of our gal about town Kook Teflon (check out her new band that's been making a splash, The Witches Titties). Sailor Hank is a magical child that shows off his flawless androgynous modeling debut, this kid is going to be one to follow!

We LOVE the 'designer' hats made by Blake out of magazine ads featuring Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more, and the candy coated themes throughout this "provocative" shoot. Will quotes save you from calling an editorial shoot with a gender-bending preteen (or tween? I don't even know how young this kid is) provocative? Don't know, don't care, we love to finally see boundaries pushed in a non-trite way.

Without further adieu, take a look! All photos were shot by the wonderful Shena Lee.


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