Gay? Party? Got an iPhone? Get This App Now (Free until Easter)


Stuart Leung of / Wsup Co. has quite the large task on his hands- rounding up the local gay nightlife community and putting it in the palm of yours. With his brand new iPhone app Wsup Now, he intends to do just that. 

But so what? Right? An app that points out the obvious, big deal. Oh, let me pull out my phone and see what to do around town and it'll say, go to 'insert generic gay bar here," right? Wrong! Wsupnow is working at digging into the real scene in each city it currently works with (New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles), and with our help here at Nark Magazine it's set foot down on Seattle as well. Checking out the app myself, I can see plenty of places I would find myself out at here or in San Francisco and more, which makes this app great for tourists of all varities, from the generic camera-toter pop-music-seeker (for example, some of the larger, well-known events happening in April can be found on the Wsup Now app include The White Party (Palm Springs), the 1st Annual Boylesque Festival (New York), Anthem Dance Party (San Francisco), Dinah Shore Weekend (Las Vegas), and the Miami Beach Gay Pride) to the gypsy hipster seeking the dirty scruffy discos and shit shows.

If you really get down to it, Wsupnow is like Grindr or Scruff for gay bars with its clean simple layout portraying clear photos/posters of local parties, happy hours and more (no poster pic no visit). Grindr takes out all the fun middle-parts of meeting someone- going out, having a drink, conversing, dancing, seeing a show and so on, Wsupnow wants to put you in your proper element and see what happens; not that Wsupnow is a hookup app, but you get the idea.

Wsup now is offering its app up to iPhone users for free until Easter (normally $1.99), so what's to stop you from grabbing it now? “Easter Weekend is a surprisingly big weekend where the gay and lesbian community gets creative in how they celebrate,” said Stuart Leung, founder of Wsup Now. “For example, this is the 33rd year of San Francisco’s infamous Hunky Jesus Contest and the 13th annual Gay Easter Parade that rolls through the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Key features in Wsup Now: 

• One-touch event discovery locates the user and displays the most relevant events organized by date, time and distance from your location 

• Doesn’t require a network of friends, word of mouth or a local magazine. With Wsup Now, anyone can instantly be a local. 

• Event Photos Feature allows users to snap an event photo from within the app - a fun way to share where you are. A useful feature for both users and venue owners alike.

Download it here and go out!




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