Drag Princess Tips: Take Your Makeup off!

We’ve all been there—You get home too tired, too wasted, too late to want to take off your makeup so you head straight to bed.

Makeup is supposed to help you look and feel more fabulous, but somewhat ironically, leaving it on longer than you should has the exact opposite effect.

Why you need to remove your makeup at night:

  • It’s no secret that clogged pores cause the majority of our skin problems. When you sleep, your body temperature rises and has a dilating effect on your pores, which makes them more receptive to what you put on them. This is why so many serums and creams are designed for night-time use—because your skin will absorb it much better than it would during the day.
  • Washing your face removes more than just makeup—it removes all the dirt, grime, pollution, dead skin cells, and oils that have built up over the course of the day. You don’t want your skin to be absorbing all that!
  • Your skin needs to breathe at night, as weird and/or creepy as that sounds! Just like how your brain needs sleep to, well, do whatever it is that it does, your skin needs oxygen to repair and refresh itself at night.
  • The eye area is very delicate, so you definitely don’t want to sleep with any eye makeup on! The skin around your eyes are prone to extra irritation and dehydration, which also increases its factor for premature ageing.
  • Mascara can cause your lashes to break, since they stiffen your lashes. If you rub your eyes while you’re sleeping, roll around, or otherwise bump your lashes, you can easily cause them to snap or tear out. 
  • If you are wearing glitter, you absolutely MUST remove all of it! It can cut your eye, and lead to all sorts of infections and nastiness. I mean, maybe you think the chances are low—but why take that risk in the first place when it’s so easy to prevent?
  • Don’t sleep with false lashes on. Just don’t do it. It boggles my mind that some  people do this.

Now, is it the end of the world if you forget to once in a while? Of course not. However, just don’t let it become a regular occurrence, and follow my tips for proper makeup removal to get into the good habit of thoroughly removing your makeup nightly!

How to correctly remove your makeup:

  • Dampen a cotton pad or tissues with makeup remover. You can use one whatever brand you prefer, or oil (I recommend olive or coconut). You can also use Fluid 244, a thin silicone fluid that also doubles as an airbrush thinner. Fluid 244 is my favourite, but that’s just personal preference. I wouldn't run out and buy it if you don’t have any other use for it, but if you need it anyway, it’s a good product to have on hand.
  • Hold the cotton pad on your eye for 5-10 seconds, longer if you’re wearing glitter or waterproof makeup, then wipe to the side. This should remove the majority of the makeup.
  • Remove false lashes after holding the cotton pad on your lid. The remover will help dissolve the adhesive, making it easier to remove.
  • If you still have a lot of eye makeup left, wipe the area again with the cotton pad. If not, wipe the pad over your entire face, and wash with your favourite face wash.
  • Repeat if necessary. I can't tell you how many cotton pads I can go through when getting out of drag!
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in remover to get any last traces of makeup. Really get it into your lashline so you remove everything!

If you’re absolutely exhausted and just want to crash, use a makeup remover wipe to at least remove some of your makeup. Keep them next to your bed if you have to! While they are not a replacement for washing your face, it’s still better than nothing.

Let your skin breathe, prevent those lashes from breaking, and don't wake up looking like me!

Blake Karamazov is a San Francisco based makeup artist, Swagger Cosmetics creator and only eats vegan glitter and rhinestones. 


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