Drag Princess Tips: Stop Eyeshadow Fallout!


Is there anything more annoying than backing up from the mirror to examine your perfectly executed smokey eye, and seeing a huge smear of shadow fallout underneath?

Here are some quick and easy tips to prevent that scenario from ever occurring again:

  • Know your product. Loose shadows & more glittery colours will be more prone to fallout than pressed, matte shades, so be extra careful if that’s what you’re working with!
  • Be sure to use a primer with your shadows and glitters, and choose the right one for your skin type and product. My favourites include Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and Too Faced Glitter Glue.
  • Rather than using a sweeping motion across your lid, pat on the shadow instead. This really helps the colour grab onto your eyes instead of going everywhere.
  • Make sure there is not too much product on your brush. Too much product + a sweeping motion causes most of the problems with fallout. If you have anything like the photo above, you are using WAY too much product!
  • Wet your brush with eye-drops or mixing medium so the shadow is easier to control and adheres both to your brush and your skin better.
  • Do you eye makeup first! This way, if you do have fallout, who cares? Just wipe it away with a makeup remover when you’re done with your eyes. Foundation loves to hold onto shadows, so it’s much more difficult to remove fallout on foundation than it is on bare skin. Plus, you'll most likely have to do your foundation over anyway!
  • If you absolutely have to do your foundation first, dust the undereye/cheekbone area with a thick layer of translucent powder—this way, you can prevent the fallout from actually touching your skin, and can easily brush it away with a fan brush when you’re done. You can also buy under eye shields such as Silicopads, which you stick to the undereye area and then peel off when you’re done. Silicopads are great because they’re washable and reusable—making them far more economical than the disposable ones. 








And there we go! No more fallout, just flawless eye makeup!



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