Drag Princess Tips: How to Choose the right Eyeliner for you

Eyeliner is a must have on any glamour loving girl or boy’s vanity, but with so many types how do you choose the one that’s best for you?The three most common types of eyeliner are pencil, gel/crème, and liquid. They each come with their own set of pros and cons.



Pencils are the beginner’s best friend. If you can draw, paint, or even just scribble your name, you can use an eyeliner pencil. They’re intuitive to hold and use, and you don’t need to buy any additional brushes or tools to apply it. However, they tend to be less bold in colour compared to their liquid or gel counterparts. Also, be wary of super cheap pencils—they’ll often break when sharpening, causing you to lose a lot of product and not save any money in the long run.

Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Smudgy/smokey looks
  • In your bag for touchups

Skip if:


  • You’re looking for a thin or crisp line
  • You’re looking for something for the waterline
  • You have extremely oily lids (tends to smudge easier than the other types)

My Pick:

Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil

This pencil is extremely creamy and glides on super smooth and dark. It’s the closest pencil I’ve found in terms of performance to an actual gel or liquid liner.



Bolder than a pencil and more forgiving than a liquid, gel or crème liners are a happy middle ground between the two. Its versatility makes it a favourite of professionals and laymen alike, since it can be used on the upper & lower lashlines as well as on the waterline. You can use a variety of brushes with this, from a precision brush to an angle liner. It can be used for many of the same uses that were traditionally reserved for pencil or liquid, from a smudged line to a more crisp winged one.

Best for:

  • Beginner-Intermediate users
  • Waterline usage
  • Blending false and real lashes on your lashline
  • Smudging across your lid as a coloured base for your shadow

Skip if:

  • You need an extremely crisp and thin line. You can get clean lines with gel, but for true precision work stick with liquid!

My Pick:

Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this crème liner (it’s named gel but it’s really more of a crème). Pros: It’s a thick, beautiful off-matte inky black. It is literally the blackest black eyeliner I have ever seen. It wears well, and has decent staying power on the waterline. It’s water-ressistant as well (although not completely waterproof). Cons: Dries up fairly quickly, after which it becomes unpleasant to use. I would recommend picking up a Duraline, a silicone based liquid additive for rehydrating it, which extends its life by a couple more months. However, its fair price ($12), deep black pigment, and cruelty-free status has kept me repurchasing.


The classic liner for the upper lashline, liquid offers a bold, precise line. However, it can be difficult for beginners, so you will need a bit of practice. Try to line your entire lid in one sweep, especially if you’re aiming for a thin line, because any changes in angle or pressure can dramatically change the shape and thickness of your line.

Best for:

  • Intermediate-Advanced users
  • Precision work

Skip if:

  • You need to cover large areas
  • You need something for the lower lashline or waterline.

My Pick:

Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Don’t laugh, but this is honestly the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. It’s only $3, goes on inky black, and dries to an extremely matte finish. However, keep in mind this product is not waterproof in any way! It can survive a Seattle drizzle, but nothing more.

Other tips:

  • Apply your liner as the last step of your eye makeup so you can be guaranteed a smooth, bold line! If you do it before, it will be covered by the eyeshadow you apply over it.
  • If you’re lining your waterline, line your bottom waterline slightly thicker than you normally would, and close your eyes immediately after applying it. This way it will transfer to your upper lid— This is also extremely useful if you have a fidgety client!
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