Nark Recommends: Cherdonna Shinatra in Worth My Salt

Jody Kuehner, formerly part the Cherdonna and Lou show, has set out and her own and will soon be bringing us her first evening-length Cherdonna Shinatra show, Worth My Salt, starting Oct 17 at Velocity Dance Center.

Described as a mash up of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and some serious female icons, including Kate Bush, Diane Keaton, and Marie Antoinette, the show will be looking at “the timely theme of gender inequity through the lens of an existential crisis.” It promises to be a visual spectacle, of course. Cherdonna’s outrageously poofy hair, relentlessly delightful personality, and obvious sense of childlike wonder will be paired costumes by Mark Mitchell and visuals by Salt Horse’s Corrie Befort.

“Enormity—it’s so insane, that we can just go about our day, like, whatever, space goes on forever; let’s get a coffee,” Kuehner was recently quoted as saying. “That kind of juxtaposition is hard for me. To not want to run around the world screaming my head off.”

It’s always an exciting time, watching Cherdonna teeter around stage, seemingly always about to collapse in a tangle of gangly limbs and enormous hair. Keuhner clearly has the dance chops to make such complicated choreography look effortless and amazing. Drag has always been an effective medium to talk about social justice, and so it seems natural that she takes the character beyond her cabaret roots into the realm of performance art.

The Cherdonna Show: Worth My Salt
Velocity Founders Theater // 1621 12th Ave
10/17–19, 10/24–26 // 8pm
TICKETS $20 / $25 at the door / $15 student + senior

You can also help fund this show by making a donation online here

You can also catch Keuhner, along with designer Mark Mitchell, at the upcoming Speakeasy series event The Art of Politics + The Politics of Queer Art Part 2 this coming Sunday, 10/5, at Velocity Dance Studio. There they will share their work, discussing the queer politics of art-making, in an interactive conversation over cocktails + canapés.



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