Divine, Sylvester, The Cockettes, Coming to a Wall Near You

Todd Trexler has recently rediscovered and dug into his own archives of posters created for the Nocturnal Dream Shows and Cockettes productions at The Palace Theater in the early 70's and rereleased them for the first time in four decades. 

The posters, not only amazing in their each individual design, all represent shows for Divine, Sylvester, Cockettes and other great acts that represent the origins of queer mutiny in music and stage to happen in San Francisco and beyond. All us queers can pay homage to the past now whilst sprucing up the walls in your commune-squat / love den.

Even if you don't pick up a print because you spent your last twenty on whiskey and makeup, at least head over to Todd's website and check out the archive of all his glorious work now.


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