Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

We're huge fans of Seattle's fun, fabulous, and raunchy burlesque/boylesque scene at Nark, so it's with no small amount of excitement that we're giving a shout out to Friday's US premier of "Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel." A collaboration between long-time friends, local actor/director Wes Hurley and everybody's favorite gender-bending seductress, Marc Kenison/Waxie Moon, Fallen Jewel was written over several days spent locked into the Seattle Edgewater Hotel. The film straddles "multiple and often clashing planes of being – raw and refined, high art and pedestrian, male and female, ridiculous and sublime," according to Hurley. Hurley and Moon say they drew their inspiration from "Goddard, Fellini, Dreyer, Douglas Sirk, Fassbinder, Tennessee Williams, early silent cinema, as well as Sex in the City, John Waters, Jean Genet and 70’s exploitation." We'd love to see their Netflix cue.

The cast list is a who's who of Seattle's artsy crowd, including Sarah Rudinoff, Inga Ingenue, Lou Henry Hoover, Miss Indigo Blue, Nick Garrison, Jerick Hoffer, and dozens more. Shot right here in Seattle, the film features a plethora of local landmarks. "It's my love letter to Seattle," Hurley tells City Arts magazine, adding “All of the outside scenes were shot without a permit. I don't believe in permits.  I’m not a big Hollywood production.  I’m not disrupting traffic or blocking the sidewalk, so why would I pay to shoot in public spaces?” We like your style, sir.

The film is filled with heart, soul, and copious camp, including several spontaneous song and dance numbers. If you've ever wondered what Sex In The City would've been like had it been directed by John Waters in the 70's, then this is the film for you.

Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel will have it's US premier this coming Friday as part of the 17th annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film festival, in conjunction with City Arts Fest. So get out your best rhinestones and pearl necklace, and check it out.


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